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  1. Hi all, Before I jump into my questions, I'd like to give some information on my general background. I am from Turkey, and going to graduate from History department next year, or maybe sooner. I have a major interest in Middle Eastern History, and want to persue an academic career in the field. However, surprisingly so, History departments in my city(Ankara) are not the best in the field. There is a Middle Eastern Studies department in my school which seems to me as the best option to train myself on the field. So, my questions are: 1) Does a Master's degree from Middle Eastern Studies have some disadvantages-in terms of career opportunities- compared to one from a History department? If so, what are those? 2) Would it lessen my chances if I apply for Phd in History? I would really appreciate if some of you with experience in the field would answer these questions. Thanks in advance!
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