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  1. Thank you for the advice! As you said, I contacted the journal I will submit to and asked them. They said in my case, I can choose either one. It's up to me. Personally, I would like to choose my PhD school. But, I feel kind of weird..because even though I deferred my offer, technically, I am not currently their student.. So, will there be any problem if I use my PhD schtick affiliation?
  2. I am writing a journal paper, and I am concerned about my affiliation. I finished my MA last year, and I got accepted into a Ph.D program in a different school. But, I deferred my offer to 2017 fall. In this case, which school do I need to write as my affiliation? The one I did my MA or the one I got accepted for my Ph.D? I thought I need to choose the one I did my MA, but I just found a phrase in the email that I got from my future Ph.D school: "Congratulations on your admission to XXX University's Ph.D. for the Fall 2017 term. We have received your electronic enrollment confirmation submissi
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