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  1. Thank you for the advice! As you said, I contacted the journal I will submit to and asked them. They said in my case, I can choose either one. It's up to me. Personally, I would like to choose my PhD school. But, I feel kind of weird..because even though I deferred my offer, technically, I am not currently their student.. So, will there be any problem if I use my PhD schtick affiliation?
  2. I am writing a journal paper, and I am concerned about my affiliation. I finished my MA last year, and I got accepted into a Ph.D program in a different school. But, I deferred my offer to 2017 fall. In this case, which school do I need to write as my affiliation? The one I did my MA or the one I got accepted for my Ph.D? I thought I need to choose the one I did my MA, but I just found a phrase in the email that I got from my future Ph.D school: "Congratulations on your admission to XXX University's Ph.D. for the Fall 2017 term. We have received your electronic enrollment confirmation submission and are pleased that you have chosen to pursue your graduate studies at XXX." Thanks in advance!
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