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  1. Did anyone attend the open house in October? I would love to know any info people have on their program, beyond what they have on their website! It's such a large cohort size... anyone know anyone attending or what's that like? I know some schools break up large cohorts into smaller groups you go through classes with, but I'm not sure how USF does this. Would love any information!
  2. When will we hear!!!!

    I also got an acceptance from USF! I will likely be attending, anyone who might be going feel free to message me!
  3. University of Vermont Decisions

    I've also been accepted but am unable to attend the accepted student open house. Is anyone going and could keep us up to speed?
  4. quick opinion on SOP

    I don't think you should draw attention to a low score specifically - but you could address it more broadly like "I've demonstrated my mathematical abilities by XYZ..." if you want to tie it into a section where you talk about why you will be a successful clinician