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  1. Hey There! I accepted my offer online as well, but it doesn't mention anything about accessing a Queen's email account .... not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that my offer is conditional (just finished my undergrad couple of weeks ago). I am looking for roommates/housing as well, so please feel free to message me!
  2. This might be premature but for those who have accepted their offers to Queen's MPH have you started looking for housing options? ... It's a bit intimidating looking for a place, if anyone is interested in having a roommate(s) please feel me to message me!
  3. For those who have accepted their offers to queen's mph program, have you been asked to pay a deposit as of yet? ... I haven't so I wasn't sure if I should be following up
  4. got waitlisted to Western's MPH program this morning as well
  5. I was waitlisted for Mac, has anyone else who was waitlisted heard back from them?
  6. I got accepted today via email and couple of hours later the offer showed up on quest @naynay much like @neonlily mentioned it didn't specify because most of the program is online
  7. I got accepted to Waterloo's MPH program, but I will most likely be declining the offer
  8. nope haven't heard anything yet ... does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist?
  9. @nads6 congrats!!! For Guelph, did they update your admission status on WebAdvisor?
  10. Same here! ... also just as an update I received a message from U of A today saying the following: "Your application to the Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree in the School of Public Health for Fall 2017 has been received and is being processed. Due to a higher than expected number of applications, our review process will be slower than in previous years. Please be assured your file will be reviewed in detail, and all qualified applicants will be considered for potential recruitment scholarship. We are aiming to advise all successful applicants by mid-April"
  11. The status update was on the "Portal Login" page not Bear Tracks. I didn't apply using the SOPHAS site, so not sure if you would see the same update there
  12. my application status changed to under review as well, hopefully we should hear back shortly!
  13. Does anyone happen to know what the rankings are for MPH programs in Canada?
  14. I applied for the 16-month program!
  15. @Motog @Shd90 @MPH 2017 thanks guys! hoping everyone here gets some good news soon as well!
  16. Just got an offer from Queens! For those who applied check your email
  17. Hey everyone! Does anybody have an idea as to when Mac, Queens, U of A & Western send out their offers for their MPH programs?
  18. I was looking into the Global Health program at U of A, but decided not to apply. Although I have an interest in global health, I don't have international experience. When I was doing my research I found that a lot of people who got into that program and the global health emphasis at UofT had either done research internationally or volunteered abroad prior to applying. Just to add though, this type of experience isn't required but it definitely gives you an advantage. Outside of that though, I haven't heard a lot about that program either.
  19. Hey there, The SOI for the Queen's MPH application appears just after the "Resume" section and before the "Departmental Questions". The way that it shows up is kind of confusing but there is a separate text box for the SOI, hope that helps!
  20. It's hard for me to say because I come from a different type of background... I've worked as a research assistant and I have work experience with a local public health unit, but I still think there is value in the health-related experience you have! I would encourage you to contact the schools you are interested in applying to, they can give you a better sense for what they look for
  21. I've heard from people who previously applied that certain schools like U of T or McGill can be very picky about following their guidelines for the application such as word count, I would contact the school directly just to double check with them
  22. What type of experience do you have as it stands? From my understanding most schools take the last 2 years into consideration, so I don't think the cGPA would play a large role in their decision.
  23. Some people I know who did their MPH online mentioned there's little opportunity to network with faculty and other students
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