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  1. Hi everyone! I just want to thank everyone for their comments! I retook the GRE's and my scores significantly went up! I am now at a 163 verbal, 148 quantitative, and a 5 AWA
  2. Thank you both for your answers--I'm considering them carefully! I've reached out to some programs I plan on applying to see what they think. So far, I've received one reply which pretty much stated that my scores are solid, but it wouldn't hurt to retake the exam, leaving me with the question: I know it doesn't hurt to retake the exam, but is it worth my time if my scores are solid? At some point in the near future, I will decide on whether or not to retake the exam (I can easily see myself doing it, although I know in my heart of hearts I do not want to). Btw, I am applying for master's programs but might continue onto PhD programs, although I do not know yet if I will.
  3. Hi there. I know this question is often posted on this website, but I'm having a tough time deciding what my course of action should be. I earned a 158 on verbal, 144 on quantitative and a 5 on the AWA. My advisor thinks I should retake the exam to try to aim in the 90th percentile for verbal (at the moment, I'm in the 80th percentile). A few months before she suggested I take the exam again, she told me that Composition and Rhetoric programs do not place much of an emphasis at all on the GRE's. She expressed that if I got into the 150's I would be fine, so I'm a little confused about what to think! Retaking the exam wouldn't hurt me, but is it worth my time (and anxiety)? So I suppose I'm experience a conflict between my reason and my emotions. This could be compounded by extra stress that's going on in my life. I was considering first looking at specific programs (I haven't started doing that yet, although I know that I want to study Composition and Rhetoric) to see their GRE requirements, but I thought to gauge everyone's opinion here first. Is retaking the GRE's even a question? Should I just do it, or would you suggest otherwise? I have read previous posts about this topic, which has prompted me to post my question here. Thanks for reading!
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