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  1. For Graphic Design/Visual Communications, what are the main differences between an MFA and a MS degree? I've been accepted to MICA's GD MFA and Pratts CommD MS, as well as Pratts CommD MFA (once it is fully licensed in ny state).
  2. Here's another way to look at this... I've been a print designer for a book publisher for 5 years now. The book publishing industry is going downhill pretty quickly, so I want a GD MFA to take the skills I currently have and flex them into new directions. That's the thing about GD MFA, most programs will allow you to solve problems in any media you choose. So I'm planning to learn new technologies, experiement and find the direction that I want to go in this expanding profession. I'm planning on doing a lot of video/motion experimentation and designing for the web/mobile. When I get out
  3. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. 10k a year at MICA for MFA GD. I applied for financial aid about a month ago. There was a financial aid application that MICA wanted us to turn in by March 1st. Are you worried about the cost?
  4. She was just a receptionist, so she could just be wrong. She said it was because of the amount of apps they received this year. You would think Pratt would know that other schools are asking for deposits for incoming grad students in a little over a week. You should call. Maybe we'll get another (more accurate) answer. The number to their office is 212.647.7573
  5. The receptionist at the Pratt Comm D MS program just told me that decisions might not be sent out until mid to LATE april!!!
  6. @MHDG Wow, up to 80 people are admitted to the Pratt MS Comm D program? From what I'm gathering from the Pratt admissions facebook page, the email system they use is a little buggy to say the least. So I wouldn't worry if you haven't recieved the email. Their snail mailing system might be messed up too. A few weeks after I sent in my application and portfolio, I got three of the exact same letters in the mail.
  7. I got the "app is complete" email this morning. It said we'd have an answer by April 1st. Do you know how big their program is?
  8. Is anyone applying to the Pratt MS Communications Design program?
  9. Wow, nice!!! SVA, that's amazing. Good job. Did you get any funding with them? How did they notify you? I applied there as well.
  10. Finally got a letter back today! Got accepted to MICA Graphic Design MFA w/funding!!! So excited!!! Good luck to everyone!
  11. @Rolando- Congrats on MICA! Hopefully I'll hear from them today, they are my top choice too! How/when did you hear from them?
  12. Thanks! What schools are you applying to?
  13. MFA Graphic Design/Visual Communications updated 3/8 Rejected: VCU Interview: MICA Waiting for decision: PRATT, SVA, MICA
  14. MFA Graphic Design/Visual Communications updated 3/8 Rejected: VCU Interview: MICA Waiting for decision: PRATT, SVA, MICA
  15. Do a search for "vcu design" on twitter. It was a few days ago now. I asked the gd department at VCU and they said they've already sent out some acceptance/rejection letters, but not all of them. So we're still in business.
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