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  1. Hi, Any of you guys have experience in the job search for philosophy majors? What's the easiest/most compatible job for a philosophy majors?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have experience in applying for jobs as a philosophy major. I would be interested in knowing what's my the best bet.
  3. Hello, I am wondering if one wants to become a law professor what would be the best track. I'm about to do my LSAT and while I think I can get a good score I'm not sure if I can crack the 170's to go to a school like Yale at least this admission cycle. 1-Go to a good school(I'm thinking Pepperdine law) graduate fast( 2 years) and then go to Yale. 2- Take one more year to get a superb LSAT score and then apply to Yale. With the Yale JD I'll be easier to law teaching position without the need for an extra degree.
  4. Hi guys, Three Questions? 1-Any of you have any experience with the Boston University/Georgia State MA/JD? 2-What do most of their graduates end up doing? 3- Would it be better for getting into legal philosophy academia to go to a T14 law school and then get LLB in legal philosophy or to start with BU/GS, therefore, having a more solid philosophical basis?
  5. Hi guys, I wanted to be a philosopher but I think that going to law school makes more sense to me since my main area of interest is Philosophy of Law. My question would be once in the program I know that everyone has to take the L1 obligatory courses. However, once I am done how many philosophy-esque courses am I allow to take? How would my schedule look like?
  6. Hi guys, I'll like to know where I could find information on life as a writer, having a writing career? For instance, say I finish a MFA and I publish my first novel through an indie publisher. I assume that most likely only my close friends will read it and find it compelling. But then what happens? Not to be pessimistic but its unlikely that I'll be making much money. Any way, I'll like to know from you guys were I could get insights on what a career path as a novelist would look like. Or if any of you had any experiences with novelist friends.
  7. Hey guys, I am a philosophy major with extensive background(up to advance logic...etc.) I am about to graduate in one month as a philosophy major. Therefore, I was interested in doing a masters in philosophy. I initially thought about applying to Tufts or Simon Fraser. However, I feel that I might not necessarily need this extra background as I am already taken most of the classes they offer. My actual plan is to continue with a masters degree at the school I'm in(NYU) and then try to jump to the Bphil. This is mainly because I really like the TA's at my current school and I feel that I w
  8. Hey guys, I am a philosopher and have an extensive background in philosophy(even taking advance logic..etc.) I also feel that my GRE's are going to come up quite strong. However, I have never taken a official political science class. I have only taken political theory leaning classes(a socrates class and a anarchism class). I realize that my interests lie in political philosophy and also I'll be interested in learning about policies and laws to change a country. My ultimate goal is to along with a friend create our own political party in our third world country. I'm really intereste
  9. ItALO


    Hey guys, After doing soul-searching I realized that I can't possibly commit to studying philosophy for 12 years: 7 years doing a phd and 5 trying to get tenure. However, I still love philosophy and I'll be interested in learning how to apply philosophy with ruling a state. My life goal is to help my friend as he creates his own political party in our third world country hometown. Which JD/MA programs do you think would work best for this cause, if at all? Also I contacted the people at Duke and they said that no longer have an active JD/MA program.
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