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  1. Hi, everyone. I am sitting the GRE next month and, although I was good at maths in school, I haven't done it in almost a decade and am getting frustrated with how pointless it is to study for this section. I am expecting to get a 155+, although Columbia (the only one, out of 4 programmes that I'm applying for, which indicates (specific) GRE scores) mentions on their website that applicants should aim for a 160 in the quant section. Not being from the US, I don't really have much contact with current Art History PhD students in top universities, so I don't really know what scores most get in quant. I was wondering what the realistic minimum quant score should be? If I were to get, say, a 153 on the quant section, but good a good score on the verbal section (165+), should I waste my time and money resitting the GRE? Or would the admissions team absolutely not care?
  2. I've just graduated with a BA in History of Art and am taking a year off before enrolling in an MA programme, which means I should soon start applying for 2017 entry. My main area of interest is 19th century European painting - French (and American) and German - and, besides the Courtauld programme, I've so far found very few programmes in the UK which offer units/options on 19th century art, so I'm kind of lost as to what other MA programmes I should apply for in order to pursue my interest in 19th century painting does anyone have any advice? thanks in advance
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