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  1. Congrats to the Columbia admits! Does anyone have any idea if all offers have been sent? It seems like in last years most acceptances were sent out later in the month and at the same time as rejections. Should I lose my last bit of hope?
  2. Any idea when Columbia and Yale are sending out results? Just put us out of our misery already.
  3. Congratulations! The Warburg's reputation is untainted still, and they produce some of the best and most innovative art historical and Bildwissenschaft work today. Although my field is not Renaissance, I've attended various conferences there, and it seemed to me that the work they do is still extremely provocative and politically engaged in a way that only Germanophile scholarship knows how to be. I hope current students or alumni from the Warburg can give you a more illuminating answer PS: thestudentroom.co.uk might be a better forum to get learn about graduate programmes in the
  4. Who was rejected from Princeton already? Could this person's POI have meant that the department's decisions have been sent out for the DGS's approval? It's still awfully early for results to have been sent already, in comparison with other years.
  5. Congratulations! Could you let us know your field? I was not expecting them to interview all potential candidates. I don't recall reading it on their website, and my POI (19th century) never mentioned this being a step in the admissions process. Good luck with your interview
  6. Does Yale interview all shortlisted candidates? I had no idea they did interviews.
  7. 2020 Fall applicant here. My main field of interest is nineteenth-century European painting, drawing, and twentieth-century cinema. I'm applying for 4 programmes and I've only got one application to go (feeling really lazy about writing that SOP). Good luck everyone!
  8. The writing sample that I am submitting is an abridged version of my MA thesis. Because there were no restrictions to the quantity of footnotes and images, my original bibliography is 10 pages long and I have nearly 40 pages with illustrations. The programmes I am applying for all require a maximum of 20-25 pages, and whilst I have (nearly) cut the text to 20 pages, and plan to cut my images to 3-4 pages, I am not so sure what to do about bibliography. Unlike the rest of my sample, which is double spaced, I'm single-spacing the bibliography, but it still takes up 5 pages. Is it OK if I submit
  9. Hi, everyone. I am sitting the GRE next month and, although I was good at maths in school, I haven't done it in almost a decade and am getting frustrated with how pointless it is to study for this section. I am expecting to get a 155+, although Columbia (the only one, out of 4 programmes that I'm applying for, which indicates (specific) GRE scores) mentions on their website that applicants should aim for a 160 in the quant section. Not being from the US, I don't really have much contact with current Art History PhD students in top universities, so I don't really know what scores most get in qu
  10. I've just graduated with a BA in History of Art and am taking a year off before enrolling in an MA programme, which means I should soon start applying for 2017 entry. My main area of interest is 19th century European painting - French (and American) and German - and, besides the Courtauld programme, I've so far found very few programmes in the UK which offer units/options on 19th century art, so I'm kind of lost as to what other MA programmes I should apply for in order to pursue my interest in 19th century painting does anyone have any advice? thanks in advance
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