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  1. Anyone know if NYU Sackler, Penn CAMB microbiology/parasitology/virology, and Tufts Sackler are done sending out invites? Looking from the past reports, seems like they don't send out invites after new year...
  2. sent an email, said they will start sending invitations next week
  3. Thanks for the detailed response! Yea, I know Terry Dermody left for Pitts so I know pitts is now a strong institute for virology research. The top tier schools are kind of a reach for me... been thinking about duke and UNC too. What do you think about the others on my list, in terms of strength in virology research? and my chances of getting in? I haven't really looked at vermount or tulane, but a postdoc in the lab just mentioned rochester last week so I might add that to the list!
  4. The thread is 2 years old.. but if you still use it.. what mathematical virology programs are well known? and what programs did you apply? I have a similar background, bio major, applied math minor. currently working in a virology/immunology research lab as a tech. I'm thinking about mathematical virology, but wanted to do more wet lab than dry lab.. thanks
  5. What kind of conferences did you attend/present as a postbac research tech? My only presentation was an undergrad research symposium and I feel like attending a few in the next few months would benefit me.
  6. I see what you're saying, more than half of the in my list have labs that either collaborated with our lab in the past or currently collaborating. Would you recommend emailing POIs this early in the year in order to get them to know you or at least figure out specifically what their research is about (so I can express my interest in the PIs in SOP)? Also, just curious, since you also have a sub-par GPA, did you take subject test? or what additional efforts did you make to balance that? cheers
  7. Hey yall, I graduated spring 2016 and currently work in a lab at wustl medical school. I plan to work for 2 years then return for grad school. I'm planning on applying the next cycle - fall 2018. I've been doing some small research on different programs. Targeting schools with great virology research opportunities, b/c 2 of my 3 research experience worked on virus and i LOVE it. Any feedback or suggestion are welcomed and appreciated! thanks! Undergrad Institution: top 10 US school known for biomedical research, public university Major(s): microbiology (top 3 in US, according to US news) Minor(s): applied mathematics GPA in Major: slightly below 3 but upper level course is 3.2 (took as many math/computational courses as microbiology course) Overall GPA: 3.15 Position in Class: N/A Type of Student: international male GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 166 V: 153 W: 4.0 B: gonna retake GRE and subject test due to my low GPA... (thoughts on subject test?) Research Experience: 1.5 school year + summer of HIV-1 research in my undergraduate institute. No publications or presentation. Although lab is well known, LOR is likely not a good one due to PI's lack of attention to undergrads. 1.5 school year + full-time summer of bioengineering research in my undergraduate institute. No publication, 1 undergraduate research symposium. paper in submission.. Currently work as a research tech (almost 8 months) at a immunology lab at wustl school of medicine. 2 major papers (JVI or even nature/science, probably third or fourth author out of 8-10) will be submitted by the time I apply this fall/winter. So a total of 3 years undergrad research, 2 summer research, and 1.5 years full time research tech (by the time of application submission). Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List (1 quarter only) Special Bonus Points: My current PI is pretty well known and LOR from him would be a major plus. Great at programming/ modeling, would be looking for labs that does a bit of both wet and dry lab. (viral evolution, deep sequencing analysis, etc.) Applying to Where: Wustl weill cornell vandy rockefeller NYU- microbiology Pitts CMU (i would love to apply my computational background to biomedical research) OHSU Irvine Honestly, I just started building up the list weeks ago so any recommendation is welcomed. I'm also trying to figure out if there's any relatively less well known school with great microbiology/virology research labs, i think stony brook, ASU maybe? cheers!
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