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  1. I'm a Canadian student, and I was accepted about three weeks ago after attending their interview weekend Jan 8-10, but I think it might depend whether you were interviewed in person or over skype? The Director of Admissions told us they'll send out acceptances anytime from late January to April during the weekend.
  2. I applied for the Fulbright Canadian student award but it’s up in the air if I’ll receive it, but all of my programs (biomed PhD) will provide the same stipend as US students plus a full tuition waiver.
  3. They do! I was given a choice between two weekends and I chose the previous one.
  4. I'm an undergraduate international/Canadian student attending a Canadian institution, and iI have received all of my notifications at the same time as US applicants.
  5. Hey there, if by UMass GBS you mean UMass Medical School, I received an invite on December 11th, 2018 and an offer last Thursday following their first interview weekend.
  6. Where did you see that NYU Sackler reviews international applications in January?
  7. I emailed UW and they told me that all interviews have gone out!
  8. Saw someone with a University of Washington Microbiology interview - have other people heard back?
  9. Undergrad Institution: Top Canadian UniversityMajor(s): honours life sciencesMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.92Overall GPA: 3.9Position in Class: topish?Type of Student: gay East Asian Canadian womanGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 90%V: 98%W: 92%B: didn’t takeTOEFL Total: (if applicable, otherwise delete this) Research Experience: 1.5 yr natural product biosynthesis 4 months of full time summer immunology research at a different university; one poster presentation 8 months virology research - 4 months full time in the summer, 30hrs /week during the school year; one manuscri
  10. Hi! I have been writing SOPs for biological science PhD programs, while most of them have a clear upper limit in the length of the SOP (with a range of 500-3000), one of my programs does not state a maximum length. I'm wondering what an optimal length would look like for adcoms, somewhere around 1000? To have adequate details on my past experiences but hopefully not too long to bore the readers. Any suggestions would be very welcome!
  11. Your experiences look really good and well rounded! Unfortunately I'm in a very different field so I can't contribute too much to school choice. Also by physics 1 do you mean PHYS 101 and Ragan lmao I'm also at McGill. I haven't seen him around after first year except for last week when I saw him trip on the pavement in front of McLennan/bronfman.
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