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  1. Just got accepted to Loyola Chicago IPBS at the medical school! First acceptance and it's a good one.
  2. Anyone going to Loyola Chicago's interviews for the IPBS this upcoming Thursday and Friday?
  3. where did you see this and for what programs? can you drop a link? Thanks!
  4. Emailed university of Chicago yesterday asking if invites had been sent out and they said yes earlier this week. Bummed about this one. U of Chicago was my top choice
  5. Don't get me wrong I liked the program! It just wasn't my top choice. I liked some of the professors research and the location is close to home (relative to other places that I applied). I figured if I got an interview I could make a more informed decision.
  6. Haven't heard anything from them That's alright, though. I wasn't 100% in love with the school just figured I'd give it a try. Thanks for keeping us in the loop this entire time! You have been our "inside guy" haha.
  7. kind of worried I haven't heard back from UChicago Microbiology or Yale BBS Micro Only see one or two people that heard back today and yesterday so hoping they aren't done! Good luck everyone!
  8. Congratulations! Very jealous, I hope I hear back from them. I really liked the program. Were you the one that posted that in the results?
  9. I saw somebody heard back late last night from University of Chicago Microbiology. Did anybody else? Still waiting on a response. I hope they're still sending out!
  10. Just got a call from Loyola Chicago for an interview on Jan. 20th!
  11. Not sure if you'll actually know anything about this but I figured I might as well ask since you've lived in Boston for quite some time! I already applied to Harvard and didn't hear back about an interview for the BBS, so I'm assuming it's not going to happen haha. I also applied to Tufts Sackler for their microbiology program. So my question is: do you know anything about Tufts Sackler? Like what is the general concensus that you may have heard? Do people tend to like the programs at the Sackler school? Just asking generally about it and anything you may have heard! Let me know! Thanks!
  12. I looked into Hopkins when deciding where to apply. I liked some of the research, but nothing really excited me. Honestly, it came down to whether or not I would be willing to live in Baltimore for 5-6 years. The answer was no lol. I don't think you could pay me enough to want to live in Baltimore. The programs are great down there, but theres just nothing there for me.
  13. were people receiving interviews last weekend? just wanted to know if most places stick to weekdays.
  14. Just looking at the results for harvard bbs. Why do some people say they got invites on the days other than the main day? Do you think that's a typo or what?
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