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  1. Universities for MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry)

    Hi, thanks for the response. I already had come across this list. But that's quite a long one too. I've been looking up from the options mentioned therein but still there's a lot of confusion. Could you filter out some more? I can really use all help.
  2. I'm an Indian national, with a 4-year Bachelor's degree in Engineering. I'm interested in pursuing MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry). Since funds are a major concern for me, I want the course to be a fully funded one-- financial aid starting from the first semester itself. Also, I need to maximise my chances of selection; hence, I'm looking to apply to okay to decent schools where chances of converting the application are comparatively higher than top universities which take very very few students. I know I can build from a small start. Hence, could you please suggest (out of the confounding number of schools) a few select names which satisfy these constraints of mine? Any information in this regard would be extremely helpful.