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  1. Thanks! I've been emailing my programs to make sure as well.
  2. Hey guys, I have a weird question. I've just been accepted to a couple of schools and during the application process I put that I was a double major in political science and philosophy. However, I am in my second semester and I realized it might be difficult for me to complete the requirements for a political science major and I may have to drop it. Would this be an issue? I still have all my political science courses as well as a political science thesis but on paper I just won't become a political science major.
  3. Was the email from a POI? or from the program coordinator?
  4. Anyone want to claim that wonderful post about the yale graduate coordinate saying that the decisions are fake?
  5. Is there anyone that contacted Yale about admissions? These trolls have really gotten into my head...
  6. Also American politics is really strong in terms of elections, voting behavior, etc. So people who are into quantitative methods or formal theory will naturally be attracted to this field
  7. Moreso the reason it's a troll. You will usually get around 5 or 6? 11 seems a bit too much
  8. Are there any more Stanford admits? Hopefully they're not done ;p
  9. Just wanna say, good luck to everyone for next week's round of decisions! Certain that many schools will release their decision by end of next week.
  10. Thanks everyone! I applied for comparative (but also wanted to go there for methods)
  11. Speaking as someone that just got accepted to a couple of schools, it seems to be the case that the gres are one of the least important aspects of your application. Here's the gist: If you have great courses and grades, a great writing sample, a great sop, and great letters of rec, you can get into any 10 program even with mediocre gre scores (75th and above). That being said, if other parts of your application is mediocre, having a great gre score will probably not get you into a 10 program. Don't worry about gre scores. Worry about your courses/sop/writing sample/letters
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