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  1. @scurvs22Awesome- thank you sincerely for these thoughts, really helpful and appreciated :)! I am super excited by UCLA as an institution and LA as an art-city and there is significant overlap with my interests in the primary faculty but it's also kind of hard to get a grasp on how the program works with just a few professors! Guess I'll have a better idea from talking to them.
  2. Hi @MilesToGo! Nice to have you back. I haven't heard a peep from Stanford yet, and my app submission page looks just as before. I certainly hope that the political situation doesn't hinder your opportunities, but then I've considered wanting to leave the states given all the chaos! In any case, hope that you are able to decide for yourself what's best and aren't given a harder time as an International applicant. I did receive a request for a skype interview with UCLA today! Very excited, also scared; feel like interviews (especially video interviews) can be pretty awkward for me, but I'
  3. really sorry to hear that @Gamb1t- agree that it's impossible to understand the ins and outs of why/ how these decisions are made, there's so much that isn't up to us- but the places you do get into eventually will have the resources to help you do your best- it's really the truth that with every door closed a window opens (and you can always reapply!) congratulations to you @lemonboo ! no news for me lately... eagerly waiting
  4. Thanks for the welcome, everybody! @scurvs22 Yes, gratefully, I've been getting positive feedback from UCSB and will be present at the visiting weekend. I guess my main concern was that my plans are really Performance more than Theater Studies, but as you said, it sounds like they would be supportive of that. Just trying to find out as much as I can about the program- thank you for the details, all useful information worth considering. May I ask where you're going to school now? I have applications to Stanford (long shot) and UCLA that I have yet to hear back from, but I was rejected from
  5. Hi All, I've applied to just a few PhD programs in Theatre/ Performance Studies for Fall with a particular interest in PS and combining ethnography/ ecology/ queer studies. It was a bit last minute so I also have plans to maybe reapply in a year when my master's thesis is done and I'm more focused. I wanted to hop on here and ask if any of you know much about UC Santa Barbara's program? Or have colleagues there? It's not as high-profile as the schools it looks like most of you are pursuing, but in the (scant) available ratings it also seems well-regarded.. Any info/ thoughts/ insight
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