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  1. Never mind, I can't read. That result was from 2016.
  2. Well, damn. When I searched the results page under theater rather than theatre, I saw that Brown sent out rejections on 3/1. Anyone on this board hear from them one way or another? My email is doing something weird. It sent my NW rejection to a spam folder and want to make sure I'm not missing something from Brown.
  3. Congrats Gamb1t!! MilesToGo: I think there are a few programs that don't interview. I didn't interview at Tufts, for instance.
  4. Gamb1t Sorry to hear about Oregon and Pitt. I'm continuing to root for you to find a place that'll feel awesome for you. Humbert. I only applied to Brown of those three schools and haven't heard from them yet.
  5. Hi All, Just chiming in. I haven't heard anything from Brown or NW, thought it looks like they're interviewing. Congrats KTF87.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that Gamb1t. I hope that you find a school that surprises and delights you by how well it turns out to be a fit for you.
  7. Hi Y'all I got a phone call from Noe Montez at Tufts yesterday. He called to let me know that the graduate faculty was recommending me for admission to the program (Apparently the official admission has to go through the graduate school first). Excited to hear it, but waiting to hear about other schools too
  8. Hi dopamine_17. Welcome to the group. I don't know any more about UCSB than what scurvs22 said (and I didn't even know all of that). I'm just biding my time waiting for some news...Hope all of y'all are handling the waiting game with relative calm.
  9. How nice to see the group growing. Welcome mjdances, and congratulations on your Berkeley interview! Welcome to you too Gamb1t. Glad to read about where you're applying. What are you looking for in a program?
  10. Congratulations to you scurvs22. I'd love to hear how your interview goes and what sort of questions they ask you. I'm hanging in there for now. Ask me in two or three weeks and we'll see how I'm doing...
  11. MilesToGo: I agree with everything Scurvs22 said about prepping for interviews. Alas, no Berkeley interview for me
  12. Scurvs22, Congratulations on the interview! Mind if I ask which program? The late application deadline is Tufts, which isn't due until 1/17. I've sent it away already, but was told they won't be in touch with people until early February. MilesToGo: I don't have any conference or academic presentations, but I have worked as a director at a few culturally-specific theatres in Texas and the Southwest, which I'm framing as helpful to some of my research interests. I would guess that most of us do not have publication records, but that's truly just a guess.
  13. Welcome MilesToGo! Glad to have you join the group. What drew you to those schools? Scurvs22, It's a weird feeling to know that we might all be hearing from schools in the next two weeks while I still have an application that hasn't even reached its due date yet. I just hope that I'll get hear from everyone (positively or negatively) before I make a decision.
  14. Thanks for the thoughts jetof7368. You're right. It looks like my advisor has overstated the Performance Studies work at Tufts, or perhaps I misheard. I'm interested in Latinx/ Latin American performance, foremost, so there's some appeal to all of these schools beyond PS. I may well take you up on your offer to talk after I hear about acceptances from these programs. Good luck with your west coast schools, scurvs22!
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