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  1. Hi @verycollin I know it seems quiet, but we have been chatting. I don't know if there is another forum though. I have submitted my apps, and am just waiting for January to roll around. What schools are you interested in?
  2. @Noe Montez Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate peeking behind the application process a bit. @theatremeg12 I did. In my mind it was a way to show that I had researched the school, that this school specifically was a fit for me, and to tie my interests into what the department was doing. I tried to identify the potential advisors as faculty whose research would be valuable because... so that it shows a fit, but also a flexibility.
  3. @DoctorMusical I wish I did. I can tell you that the things I worked on from my previous application were Letters of rec from people closer to my area of interest, writing and re-writing...and re-writing my writing samples, and (I think most importantly) reframing my proposed research topic and how it fits with departmental faculty interests. This time around, my proposed topic is more specific, and I have identified faculty in the department that would be excellent advisors, as well as the reasons for this. The numbers of students programs accept each year are pretty well known
  4. Hi All! Also Looking to apply for Fall 2021. I've applied in past years and was not accepted so I took some time off to work on my writing, and to continue , well just working. In the past I applied to a wide range of programs, but am only applying to UCSD and UC Irvine this year. It's great to have some friends to sweat and worry with!! @Boseph16- I did my MFA in Chicago and loved every minute of it!!! (secretly wished I still lived there).
  5. I'm going a little outta my mind waiting to hear from UCSD and/or UC Irvine!
  6. Glad to see this Thread! I applied last year to about 6 schools, and didn't get in. I've narrowed the list to 2 and am giving a second shot. UCSD and UCI. Great to meet you all! @deirdrenyc I can speak to the MFA directing program at DePaul if thats one you are looking at. I loved my time there!!
  7. I applied to Stanford but haven’t heard. I sorta assumed that I won’t hear from them as others on here have already had interviews. The same is true for Berkeley. I haven’t heard, but assumed that I won’t as others have already been accepted. The only official answer I have received is from Northwestern. I did meet with all the schools I applied to before applying. I don’t know how that affects hearing from them though. Guess we’ll all just have to slowly go mad.... I mean wait. Wait patiently.
  8. My Northwestern rejection was from the PS Department. I looked on some of the other forums for Berkeley info. Are we sure they have already done interviews?
  9. I also received a rejection from Northwestern. Still holding out for my top schools though. Good luck all!
  10. Just curious if anyone here has heard from their programs. Any interviews or acceptances yet?
  11. Hi! Anyone hear back from a theatre or performance studies program? My last app closed on Jan 9th. I was really thinking I'd have heard this week.
  12. I'm only applying to PhD programs, or those who get MA on their way to PhD's. I have my MFA in Directing, so I don't need a duplicate MA. Northwestern is also on my list, but I think UCSD and Columbia are my two top choices. For what its worth, I did end up visiting the schools that I am applying to and I am really glad I did. I got a much better sense of the program, and was able to make tweaks to my SOP because of it. I also feel it helped to put a face with a name/application, although maybe thats just in my head. I'm trying to prepare a list of questions for any in
  13. I am in a very similar situation. I am applying for admission Fall 2018, am currently in the workforce, and trying to balance the cost of (possibly multiple) college tours with the potential benefit. Did you decide to visit the school you were applying to? I was planning to visit my top choice, but was wondering if I should visit one or two others given that I know very little about those schools beyond the website and even less about the cities. What program/school are you applying to?
  14. Are you all planning to visit alll of the schools or maybe your top choices prior to applying? I'm trying to balance funds with the need for information (as well as my own excitement ). Just wondering if you think that a site visit has much effect on admissions. My sense is that any benefit would be very little, but Who knows.
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