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  1. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    I totally understand you. I should have finished my literature review by now but I prefer to refresh my email like a maniac Congrats!
  2. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Nobody did yet. So, don't worry.
  3. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Or maybe its a ploy by the same troll to relax us and then freak us out even more? Until several people claim an admit or rejection, I ain't believing anything. And that is regardless of the program (Yale, the one ND post, and what not)
  4. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Saving the Public? A PhD should help me become a better warlord so that I can conquer vast territories within the country and in the world when the Great War breaks out.
  5. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    But usually (my experience) they studied American politics before because they studied in the US. A complete international usually doesnt have the chance to study American politics prior to their acceptance into a PhD. What I wanted to say with that was that I think it is highly unlikely given my experience and experience from people I know: Internationals that studied internationally do not end up in the American subfield.
  6. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Trolls. I still have to meet the international student who is interested to study something they never studied before (American politics).
  7. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Good to have you all back. Yesterday was horrible - no news and nobody to vent to. Follow @HermioneWannabe's advice: you love your field, so just let them understand your love. And in case, it doesn't go as well as planned (I'm sure it will be going great) you're at least already calling on the right person/deity. So maybe Notre Dame IS the program for you. Enjoy the interview and see it as a good sign.
  8. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    I would go with @BillyJoel182: don't expect unbiased information. Also, consider that the POI's might not know another program as well as theirs even if they went there for their PhD (that usually happened a long time ago). Rather focus on asking the POI on the strengths of his current program and grill the current grad students on the advantages and disadvantages of their program. Although disadvantages might be easier to talk about in person during the visit. If you haven't been contacted/been put into contact with a current graduate student at the university, ask for it from the program director. Usually, they are more than happy to do so. The advantage is that you get the student's point of view and get insight that might actually affect you rather than potentially biased opinions from a POI who might not know all the aspects of a particular program. Students can also help you with getting a vibe of the program and whether it is a fit socially. POIs are rarely in the position to comment on that.
  9. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Yeah! That was a great one too. Like anybody "called" for their rejection? In the last few years, Stanford has been more towards the later weeks of February. Last year, they were around the 15th, but that was by far the earliest they send out acceptances. Usually, they are more around the 20th.
  10. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    I remember that one. It was a great one. I wouldn't mind the trolls if more of them were like that one
  11. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    It must be the only one they can spell ... Or is there another possible reason for their obsession with MIT?
  12. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    It's a troll unless there is several results on the page AND somebody claims it on here! - That's my policy.
  13. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    It looks like Penn is too (or at least sent out one)
  14. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    There is definitely a slight chance of Stanford today based on last cycle, however if you check previous cycles you can see that Stanford is usually later than the 10th. I think we might here from UND today/Monday as well. And maybe (big maybe) MIT too.