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  1. Hi all! A kind of a PhD Conference is going to take place in my university, and I’m currently one of the volunteers that should organize it. I have though about organizing a competition among PhD students that belong to different research teams. Each team have to answer different questions, like the well-known ‘Trivial Pursuit’ board game. Why I am talking about this here? Because I need your help! I would appreciate a lot if you can suggest me more questions, in order to enrich the game and get rid of my research field bias. Also, it would be helpful if you suggest me 4 possible answers (of which only 1 must be the correct one). The PhD students that are going to attend the conference mainly work with the following research lines: ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) Informatics Machine Learning Data science Gamification Signal and Image processing Telematics and networks Optical Communications However, the questions can also be focused on the PhD life cycle too. Could you help me? Thanks in advance! P.S. This would be an example of question: “You have to evaluate the performance of 5 methods when applied for helping the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Regarding your dataset, what methodology should you follow?" I’d divide my dataset in 5 subsets. Later, I’d train and test each method with each subset. I’d divide my datase into 2 subsets, train all the methods methods to one subset and test their performance with the other subset. I’d train and test all the methods with the entire dataset. I’d divide my dataset in 10 subsets. I’d train the methods with half of the subsets and later I’d test them with the other 5.
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