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  1. Journalists working abroad

    Hello everyone! I feel passionate about working abroad and writing specifically in countries with conflicts. As dangerous it may sound it's appealing to me. My question for you is when you start studying or plan on applying if you think about a concrete sphere you'd like to write about. Like me. I'm wondering if there is anybody who could give information about the security provided for such journalists. Do they receive a proper armor (as body armor) or not? I'm interested in this topic and I've even checked on well proven products that are used by journalists. I looked into the data base of this company http://www.safeguardclothing.com/articles/. They hade some explanations about what civilians and journalist should wear to keep themselves safe. Anyhow, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who had the same thoughts. Thanks and all the luck to you in your studies and future jobs. Emma