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  1. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Hey I called Western last week as I have yet to hear anything from them as well. They told me that all applications are with faculty at this time so it sort of depends when they review them. They said it depends on the supervisor I stated I'd like to work with and I was welcome to connect with them and let them know that my application is available for review. I'd give Western a call or email them and ask them about your application! Maybe they have more information!! Good luck!!
  2. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Any thoughts on McGill vs UBC? Thanks!
  3. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I spoke to someone at the McGill office last week and she told me it was $300!
  4. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

  5. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Congrats joelcollard6! I received an offer yesterday afternoon. Does anyone have more details about the program? Or have spoken to current/past McGill students and have an idea about the overall student experience/job prospects after completing the MScPH? Thanks!
  6. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Good luck with your applications! I applied to UofT Mph EPI as well...And mcgill's mscph, alberta's mph EPI and McMasters HRM program. Hopefully we'll hear back soon enough!
  7. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    @Shd90 thanks, same to you! Haha the waiting game is horrible. Where else have you applied?
  8. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    @Shd90 I did include the name of the supervisor I would like to work with, but nothing had been confirmed. When I spoke to a Western rep they advised me to include a potential supervisors name so they better understand my research interests...So I'm hoping for the best!
  9. Motog

    MPH Canada Fall 2017

    @Shd90 I have! I received an email that the preliminary assessment of my application has been completed and my application has been sent to the department of biostatistics and epidemiology.

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