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  1. Anyone going to Penn State's Weekend? or Michigan State's? Plus, anyone who got admitted to UMN but won't accept the offer? (I'm on the waitlist)?
  2. @twocosmicfish I am an international PhD student and will visit State College in mid-March. Thank you for the info. Can I ask a few more questions? What's the whether like in mid-March? And, what do you think is the best way to get to State College from New York?
  3. I heard that UC schools engage in negotiations with admitted students on terms of financing. Not only them, I just wondered whether schools in general make adjustments on their initial offer of financing or negotiate with admitted students who have not decided to enroll.
  4. Regarding, tuition remission and stipends, do you get what they give us? anyone thinking of bargaining kind of thing?
  5. Anyone who got into Penn State? I got into it as a comparative student. Let's share some info about the program and State College!
  6. So, we are expecting which ones next week? I think there will be Cornell and U-Michigan..
  7. My admission status on the website keeps showing nothing.
  8. I think you're right. I mean, if mine was being considered positively, they would have given some kind of response.
  9. As one of Duke applicants, I am getting more and more puzzled about my status. I've got neither accepted nor rejected. Also, they have not put me on the wait-list. The website keeps saying 'No notifications' How should I interpret this? One of the ad-com might have blown his/her nose with my SOP
  10. Thank you for all the info here and I wanna ask yo guys about financing negotiation. I received an offer with partial financing and the department administrator says 'I think you should try and negotiation' concerning financing. The program is for now my top priority but I cannot accept their offer because of insufficient funding. What do you think I can do? I will visit the department in late March and I told them the school is my first choice.
  11. I'm in a similar situation. But then, what do they mean by 'negotiate'?
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