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  1. Thank you for your reply and sharing your experience. I definitely realize that a ton of desk work comes with academia and it’s not deskwork that I hate. I just like that academic research allows for travel to actually conduct the research itself, whereas the most travel I get to do for CRM in writing reports is going a few counties over to do site visits or record searches. I also saw myself one day teaching or at the very least attempting to go that route, and it seems that’s kind of hard to do with only an MA these days.
  2. So, I applied for my first round of PhD programs straight out of my BA. I had no idea what I was doing and thus, no surprise, was rejected at all the places I applied. I did, however, apply last minute at the suggestion of a professor to some MA programs. One was in Anthropology & Education at Teacher's College in NYC, and the other was in Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies at Hebrew University (the Middle East had been the regional focus of all my archaeological studies up to that point). I got into both of those programs, and after weighing pros and cons of both, I ended up going with
  3. I had my last GRE scores done in late 2016. If I am planning to apply to PhD programs in Fall 2019, is there any reason why I should think about retaking it?
  4. I just received news today that I was accepted to the Masters program at the New School for Social Research. It is the only program I've been admitted to so far and I had all but given up hope, and I am currently applying to MA programs at state schools in California here, because I am trying to strengthen my application and do so without going into massive debt. So the New School offered me no merit funding, I don't know if that means no funding at all or what the deal is. I am just not sure if I should even consider this offer, if New School is even that great overall?
  5. Wow, @GreenEyedTrombonist! That was a whole lot of very useful information. And rather reassuring as well! Thank you for that. It seems that a lot of these CSU Anthropology MAs don't separate the programs of Arch and SocioCult by name, but some do have different tracks and you have to choose one. I had thought about the possibility of somehow integrating archaeology into a thesis that also addressed Sociocultural issues in an interdisciplinary way, so that's definitely something I will continue to think about too. Thank you for the suggestions!
  6. I seem to be at a bit of a crossroads in my academic life here. As this application season comes to a close and I more than likely will not be admitted to any PhD programs for a 2nd cycle, I am considering what to do next. Most of my background in Anthropology is within Archaeology. I have an interdisciplinary MA that had a variety of grad courses relating to the society and culture of the region I am interested in doing research on, but as far as direct Sociocultural Anthropology courses, they are all relegated to my Undergrad years. I have a lot of experience in Archaeology as a whole
  7. I'm also waiting on NYU. Haven't heard a peep. But when I did my first round of apps after my BA back in 2014, NYU's rejection came 2/25, so I'm not exactly optimistic right now, lol
  8. I am waiting on Yale as well, but I thought I saw that had accepted some already, so I assumed the worst on that too. Anybody been in contact to see if they've made all decisions already?
  9. @farflung @boneflower Perhaps I was a bit unclear with this post. I had spoken with this professor months ago before the colloquium schedule was finalized. We had been talking and I said I looked forward to meeting him in the near future, and he responded with "If you visit the department, it would be best to come early in the Spring semester, around February while the admissions committee is reviewing applications. Many prospective students visit at this time and meet with faculty members they hope to work with if admitted... Some time in mid-Feb would be best to visit during a Friday when we
  10. Hey fellow applicants, I have a question. Is it a common occurrence for a POI to ask you to attend a colloquium event/schedule a meeting with this POI while you're there, during the period in which the admissions committee is reviewing applications, even if you haven't been asked to interview or been accepted yet? I'm a little confused. It's expensive for me to book a flight to go visit and also to take time off work if they might randomly reject me after I've booked the flight or even while I'm there. Any advice is welcome, thanks!
  11. I would like to say first and foremost, congratulations to all who have been admitted somewhere so far. I'm really excited for all of you! Great jobs! As for me, I didn't anticipate coming out of this without a single offer. For some reason, I assumed that getting a Master's Degree would be a huge factor, along with all of the life, work, and academic experience I've gathered in the last few years. This is my second round of PhD applications. The first was when I had a BA with no experience at all. But, combined with the experience of going through the process once (very clumsily) and all
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