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  1. I did get in? Thanks! Honestly the interview was really straightforward, if you talk about your experience and passion to be a social worker you should be fine. I don't recall all the specific questions they asked, I was soo nervous and caffeinated. However, I reached out to people on this forum and after my interview someone shared with me her experience. If I were to have had this info beforehand it would have really helped me relax. I'll inbox what she sent to me?
  2. Wow really, I still have not received nothing? I think they start handling financial aid in the summer. It would be nice if they could get it done sooner and give us an idea of what to expect.
  3. Has anyone had any updates from UCB? As in heard from the graduate division or received an official acceptance notification?
  4. I stayed at the University Village family housing as an undergrad at Cal. I was married then but I also had friends that were engaged that stayed there and friends that took care of their brothers or sisters. So student families do have priority however, there were people who lived there without kids and without being married. So maybe you can see if this still applies. I loved living in the village it's a nice location, safe area and there is a lot of resources within the apartment community!
  5. I called UCB today and they said tuition for the 2017/2018 is 14,068/semester. I was in shock so I called back and waited to speak to someone else to confirm. The next person said that price for tuition was projected and no one will know for sure until July, as fees update each July.
  6. Well depending on how many people decline the admission offer, it sounds like that's how many they would take off the waitlist. So it's seems they have to use some order to take people off. It's probably something generated but I'm almost sure it's a rank order well at least it was previous years.
  7. Sadly, 11,113.25 is for the 2016/17 semester school year. Fees will be changing for 2017/18? However, I would still choose Cal over any other school in the bay. They have sooo many resources there especially for student parents like myself. I did my undergrad there so I may be somewhat biased. I do hear with a MSW that jobs don't care where you get the degree from, it matters where you do your internships. Sf State, Eastbay and Cal MSW students have access to the same internships so really you are paying for the name, the experience, and access to resources you may have at your disposal.
  8. Wishing you both the best of luck with the waitlist! I hear a lot about people getting off and offered admissions? I know the MAP concentration is small but I'm sure some will not go if they get better funding elsewhere. I'm keeping faith and hope alive?
  9. Send it in asap because I hear there are limited spaces and they end of ranking it based on when everyone sends in.
  10. Omg I just checked and got in!!!! In freaking disbelief???
  11. Also not sure how the process is but you should reply that your interested on staying on waitlist. I think there is a ranking order. Fingers crossed ?. I sooo much hope if I'm not admitted, I would at least be on the waitlist.
  12. Not sure why they don't let people know at the same time. Did the application site update too? Ugh
  13. Wait what? How do you know did you get an email to check? Well honestly waitlisted is not a complete rejection and I hear good outcomes for the waitlist, let's not lose hope yet. Sorry it's not the news you were looking for.
  14. I know right! Sometimes I wish I just kept it to myself that I applied because I'm tired of people asking the same question: "have you heard from Berkeley". Makes me anxious because I want to know more and more every time someone asks me!
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