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  1. 30 Days with a $400 deposit which is why I've held off on accepting until they hopefully send financial aid information.
  2. Submitted application on 11/30/2017 to meet the Dec 1st priority deadline. Stats: GPA 3.4 from UC Berkeley; majored in Ethnic Studies and double minored in Education and Spanish literature Experience: several internships in SW field and volunteer work, two and a half years of full-time case management work with at-risk populations and program evaluation in two different settings (an npo and higher ed institution) LORs: one from former manager, one from colleague with an MSW and another from the director of a program associated with the work I did at an NPO.
  3. 2 year online with plans of going in person for the second year if there's a really good placement opportunity.
  4. HIIIII I got my admissions result today an hour ago, I got in! It's funny because it happened just as I was leaving the juvenile detention center where I occasionally do outreach to regarding the college I work for. I really love doing that work because the kids are so excited to start over and their eyes light up at the idea of getting paid to be in school full time; it's a fresh start and they ask all kinds of questions. I thought, "Wow, I hope I can match that energy when if I get good news from Columbia," and then my heart stopped on my way to the car when I got the decision email. AH
  5. I also applied for the Kline Fellowship but for SEA.
  6. Hi folxs, second year applicant here. I applied to UC Berkeley's MSW program last year and was accepted off the wait list to their MAP program which only accepts about 20 students annually. Unfortunately because of zero funding and other life happenings I declined attending. Hoping to hear back from Columbia soon but no word yet! Did anyone apply to the scholarships they emailed out?
  7. Y'all are the sweetest! ? I hope we can make it out of the Waitlist! If any of y'all need advice or help with housing let me know. Same goes for any of any that are local and students of color that want to be involved with campus orgs- my friend in S.O.U.R.C.E has mentioned she'd really like to get recently admitted students involved early.
  8. Cal was the only school I applied to because of the MAP concentration and because I'm married to a current PhD student at Cal. I also went to Cal for undergrad and I have mixed feelings along with other pressing issues I have to weigh out. I'll throw myself on the mercy of the waitlist BUT we'll see. I have nothing to loose. My good friend that's in her second year is close to lots of the faculty though so hopefully she can also help me with this process and give better insight. Hope we both make it in!
  9. There is. The waitlist is not ranked though, it's by group concentration. The deadline to submit my interest in staying on the waitlist in in April. I am not sure what I would like to do and have to think things over so yah. Meltoid, are you going to stay on the waitlist? Congrats Lunabathory!
  10. Yes. It's an email that come with pdf attachment for you to look at. It should be the way you find out even if you do or don't get in.
  11. Officially waitlisted. And so the agony will continue. But at least I know, sorta?
  12. I'm working from home today which means I don't have to feel self conscious about refreshing all the tabs. Every hour until 6pm I will check!
  13. Oh snap! A call? Anxiety rising.... :3 Thanks for the update! I'll be sure to pick up 510 area code numbers today.
  14. Did they say anything when you called? Thank you everyone on this thread for updating us with your status. It's helped me ease my mind too. Here's to hoping we get to spend this weekend celebrating!
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