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  1. Hi, Friends! I am currently working in Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA). Will experience gained over here in international affairs, migration themes etc. will help me in getting admission to MPP? What do you suggest? Waiting for your suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  2. I hope you all guys are doing great at LKYSPP. @aemi and @Daniyal1986 ! I want to take guidance from you as you both are from Pakistan. What is your academic background? I was sadly rejected from LKYSPP for MPP this year. I have Electrical Engineering background. What should I do in order to get admission over here? Any suggestions? Any recommendations? Any counselling from your side? I will be very thankful to you.
  3. @Nazaninn! Any update on your side? @Asokai! No hearing from your side as well!
  4. Hi! Just received rejection letter today. Best of luck to the persons who are waiting for!
  5. @aemi, Thanks for posting it again. Funding is trouble for everyone. You have good experience. Do pray for me too am still waiting. Hoping to see you there.
  6. @aemi, Good luck for scholarship! would you like to share your educational background and experience? Thanks
  7. @Daniyal1986, Are you from Pakistan? Would you please share your profile here?
  8. Hi Danyal! Nice to see you! Did you get an offer? Would you please like to share your profile?
  9. Congrats. Nothing till now. Had interview on 3rd of March? What is your profile? Would you please like to share?
  10. Anyone who applied from Pakistan for MPP at LKYSPP and got the offer? Is there anyone? @aemi! Any news on your part?
  11. Hearty Congratulations! @Etch! Would you pleae like to share your profile?
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