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  1. At schools which offer an MPH in biostatistics, what are the percentages? Let's say out of a class of 20 students, could it be 8 PhD students, 10 master's students, and 2 MPH students?
  2. Yes, this is exactly what I was envisioning. Never heard of Petersons before. Very cool. Thank you!
  3. Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for for being a great resource for future applicants like myself. Currently, I am gearing up to apply for the 2018 cycle in statistics and biostatistics masters programs. One topic I haven't seen touched on much through search was class size. How big are the classes at the top 15 schools? I understand we have epi students and non-biostat/stat students in some classes, but how big are the cohorts? Do they vary widely by school? Thanks, Future applicant
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