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  1. Hi everyone, I've been very lucky and received acceptances from Tisch and Stanford (Art History) for a PhD in cinema studies. I am now very torn, main considerations: 1.The Tisch program is older and more established, but Stanford looks great, and is very upcoming as well. 2. The NYU supervisor is senior and quite well known, though multiple (albeit junior) advisers at Stanford might contribute to a more interdisciplinary research 3. NYU is a bigger department and people seem nice, Stanford though small also seems a welcoming and warm place. Hadn't expected to be so co
  2. Thank you both, it does make a lot more sense after deducting health insurance and summer fellowship! Certainly looks more doable with careful budgeting on my end. Many thanks also for the pointer about tax deductions, I will be sure to look up the details
  3. Hi everyone, I've received an admission offer from Stanford for a humanities PhD with an offer of $28,000 as fellowship stipend. (Tuition, health insurance, summer support fellowship. will be separate). Estimated budgets for living expenses on the Stanford Website are coming up to $38,000 a year(http://financialaid.stanford.edu/grad/budget/index.html). Being an international student, there is simply no means by which I would be able to pay the balance amount of nearly 10000 dollars from my own pocket. I would appreciate any insight on whether expenses at Stanford really do come up as
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