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  1. Hey, just wanted to post on here and let you know you're not alone with this. Was awarded the fellowship this year, and have had the HARDEST time getting everything processed at my school. And there are 4 of us this year! I received a bill from my school for almost $6,000 due Sep 15th which included fees, tuition, etc. meaning my school hasn't even processed our grants yet. When I called the office that handles this, they said the same thing...a system upgrade set them 45 days behind schedule. I hope since you're last post things have gotten better. I'm hoping I will actually get paid Sep 1st,
  2. VG/VG, VG/VG, VG/E- Awarded- Geosciences-Tectonics Senior Undergrad Talked to my advisor yesterday who used to sit on a board for NSF, and she told me there are many problems with the system they use to quantify "the quality" of applications. She said something about it being easy for panelists to spot a "quality student" and a "quality application", but it's hard to actually define on a quantity scale what that means resulting in "intangible" components of the application. She said someone wrote a whole book on this concept...
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