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  1. Ya. I hope so! I have sent them a mail just now! Nobody picked the call. I have a good gpa and a healthcare IT exp for about 4 yrs. Really wish I wouls get an interview even its a bit late.
  2. Hi when did u have interviews and how did u get to know? was it by email? I was hopeful of getting an interview but have not heard anything so far!. checking mails on and off including the spam! really frustrating for now!
  3. Thats cool! Congrats on University of London. Hope you get to know things from U of T before your deadline..
  4. Hi! In their site it's mentioned that preference would be given for Canadian citizens and PR holders. I ve talked to one of the past students who says once the spaces are filled by Canadians and PRs then international students will be called. Sorry about that! I guess u have to wait it out! Have you applied for any other programs? Else u gotta wait my friend!
  5. Hi guys! I have applied for the Masters program for U of T. Last year by this time interviews were in progress. I am yet to hear about anything from them!
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