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  1. Just declined my offer to UT..... hardest decision I've had to make. Hopefully one of you scoop up the spot!
  2. Just checked in with UoA as well (so strange.. didn't get an email that results had been posted - did anyone else receive an email?) Was fortunate enough to receive an offer to the MPH Epi program. Will be rejecting in favour for another offer. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Declined UBC today. Hopefully somebody here on the waitlist benefits!
  4. @joelcollard6, did you end up choosing McGill? Congrats man!
  5. Hi all - kind of beyond the scope of this thread but thought I'd ask anyways. Are there any notable funding opportunities for MPHs? I know opportunities are limited, especially for curriculum-based degrees, but thought I'd ask anyhow.
  6. Yep, says that in my UoA as well. I contacted their grad office who said to ignore that as they're having some technical issues. The action for me was needing to submit formal transcripts which is only required upon offer of acceptance. Hope that helps.
  7. To those who have accepted Queens: any idea what the deposit is?
  8. Looks like UBC is sending out notices as I just received an offer from their MPH program.
  9. Also received an offer to Queen's 12-month MPH this morning. Thrilled! Been a bit of a wild ride. Best of luck as we wait to hear from other programs.
  10. Hi all. A bit late to the game - just found this site! What a great resource. Does anyone know how the schools adjudicate GPA (for the ones that aren't explicitly stated on the website). Full transcript/last 2 years/last 30 credits? Namely wondering about Queen's, but have applied to UBC, Western, UT, and Mac. Thanks in advance!
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