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  1. I'm going to try to attend. If there won't be any conflicts in my work schedule then for sure I will come.
  2. Go into your account on ACORN and look under the financial tab, it's there if it's processed.
  3. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    Iris said they're very busy..I guess just have to wait
  4. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    it takes like 3 months if you know what youre doing, 6 if you're new to programming.
  5. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    cs50x fundamentals of computer science
  6. I see. I applied to both but I found the UofT program has more to offer (except the commute) so I was wondering why McM. Thanks!
  7. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    I did the course a while ago just to get better at programming, it was really challenging.
  8. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    Iris said I would receive an offer but nothing yet. E-mail or call her again and ask, they could be just very busy and forgot?
  9. I'm going to be commuting. residence is an extra $12k/year or so and that's just basic expenses
  10. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

    Cool. Good luck! Did you receive it via email or post?
  11. Mcmaster MSc ehealth fall 2017

  12. I got the email about the interview in 2nd week of February and it was scheduled for the following week.
  13. Did you have 3 separate meets with the profs or just 1 where they asked 3 questions? I met with 3 profs individually and each asked me 3 questions and I did the presentation thing. To me the interviews seemed mandated by the graduate department since they took notes on my answers. I think the interview counts as much as the application and it's used as sort of a sanity check prior to accepting someone into the program, in my opinion.
  14. Once I log in what I see is: Academics Degree Registration Status HA MHI 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Invited You do not have any enrolled courses for 2017 Winter. I sent the deposit yesterday, so now I'm waiting for it to get processed...I encourage everyone who will send it to send it via expresspost so that you have a tracking number.