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  1. If you have a similar list of faculty you are interested in at both schools (at least 3-5 accomplished faculty members at both institutions who you could see yourself working with) then go with your gut! You will not be making a wrong choice here as both institutions are top tier! From your previous posts, I can see that you feel like you should go to UCSF but other programs gave you a better gut feeling! I was in a similar situation before I made my final decision, and ended up picking the program I had a better gut feeling about/thought would make me happier and I think it was the right one! If you work with an accomplished faculty member at either school you will have great career prospects, so its not going to make much of a difference which institution its at (considering both of these schools are highly regarded).
  2. Thank you so much! I definitely appreciate the extra facts I overlooked! Good luck with your decision as well
  3. Hi everyone! I am so excited to start grad school next fall but am faced with a really tough decision!! I am really interested in cancer biology, and would study a wide range of topics within the field. I am deciding between gerstner Sloan Kettering and MIT! Both schools have lots of faculty I am interested in so its difficult to decide, and as you can see I can't seem to think of many cons to either- so I could really use some advice! Here are some pros and cons I came up with: GSK: More translational research, biomedical focus, Manhattan, awesome housing, clinical program, also has cancer immunology MIT: Its MIT, in the center of biotech, broader training, Boston, collaborative across many disciplines, I am interested potentially in doing a some what computationally related project and they have many cancer biologists who do this, an especially intense/intellectually stimulating environment Cons GSK: very cancer bio focused, newer program MIT: Lack of cancer immunology, kind of want to leave boston Thanks so much in advance!
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