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  1. Ruby123Mark, I wound up going to a small MA program in Scotland. It was a fraction of the cost of any of the US schools. I was afraid to assume the debt required for the US schools. I would have preferred a school that I could have physical attended. check out their various curriculums. MassArt was too focused on drawing for me.
  2. I've applied to several Low Res MFA programs. I'm a returning student and did not expect all these acceptances. Additionally, two schools have offered funding ranging from one-third to one-half. The other 3 have told me that there are offers but they do not yet have numbers available. Commuting is possible at SVA. The others would require 6-8 weeks per year in a dorm which sounds more hellish every time I think about it. Should I put on my big girl panties and go to SAIC as it is my first choice? Should I go to SVA because it is almost as highly ranked and I get to sleep in my own bed and
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