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  1. Working on it, working on it...

  2. I agree on this as well--think about it. If you're not accumulating interest but you're still paying down your principle balance, then after 4-6 years for grad school your principle balance will be *much* lower, even if you're only putting a small amount towards your loans each month. Ultimately, this could save you a bundle in the long run (for you, on the order of thousands in interest alone). It also means that, as iLikeTrees pointed out, that you'll have more flexibility when other big expenses (inevitably) come up.
  3. ...Not to increase anyone's heart rate...but I just checked to see if ratings sheets were posted. The site is down (Page not found: 404), which means that NSF is probably in the process of uploading everything.
  4. Well done with those--where in the heck did you find them?
  5. Update: The more I think on it, the more I think that I should focus on behavioral neuro for my thesis. Human work is near and dear to my heart (and I still want to integrate it into my dissertation), but I think that I will grow more as a scientist if I broaden my horizons. And so, I've spent a great deal of time emailing/talking to people at both Stanford and Michigan the past few days to assess opportunities and scope out the lay of the land. What I've discovered kind of changes the game a bit, and so I want some (pseudo-objective) input, given the new information. I referenced earlie
  6. I am! Any idea when awards will be announced?
  7. One thought--if you're *really, really* sure that you want to go to your waitlist school, write to the director and administrator of the program and tell them that. It won't necessarily help if you're way at the bottom of the waitlist, but sometimes a little enthusiasm can go a long way. April 15 is still a ways off, and it is likely that some spots will open up as people start making decisions. At the very least, it won't hurt you!
  8. Haha, I thought the point of posting to the forum was to maintain anonymity! @dzk--yep, you win. My choice is currently Stanford v. U. Michigan--but both neuroscience PhD programs, no cog psych involved. So...thoughts?
  9. Like so many others in this subforum, I need some help/perspective in deciding where to go. I've been *really* lucky, and I've narrowed my acceptances down to the two I'd most like to attend. Fundamentally, the choice comes down to a decision concerning the immediate direction of my training (I'm in biosciences and need to decide between working with humans or working with an animal model, though I intend to do both in the long run), because I can always focus on the other during a postdoc. I'm also trying to weigh cost of living, etc., as the fit with both schools is otherwise phenomenal.
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