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  1. Hi all, I currently hold the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, I have for one year now, and two more years going. When I first submitted the application, it was based on an old research topic. I have since changed it, and this new idea will be part of my dissertation. There really isn't any relationship between this new idea and the old one. Is this okay for SSHRC? Or am I screwed (financially) if I stay with this new topic? Thanks, euges720
  2. I agree, but on the other hand, you are called a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow. Kind of like a Post-doctoral Fellow, you would list it under your "Academic Appointments" or the like.
  3. For those who have a SSHRC doctoral fellowship, how do you metion this on your CV? Do you list it under the other awards and honours you've received? Or would you write something like... EDUCATION PhD, University of X, 2008 SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, 2007-2008 MA, University of Y, 2007 Would this be over the top, especially when you're on the job market? Any thoughts?
  4. Hi there, fellow SSHRC doctoral fellowship recipient here at the University of Toronto. Wondering if anyone who is also a recipient would like to schedule a meet-and-greet sometime? I think this would be a useful to share ideas, be intellectual (lol), but basically, just make some friends and have fun. For recipients at other schools, feel free to use this board to schedule your own get-togethers too.
  5. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    A bit off track, but for those who have won a SSHRC, can we call ourselves "SSHRC Doctoral Fellows" on our CV? I mean, in addition to putting "Won SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship" under "Awards" in our CV. Makes us look a bit more enticing to schools when we apply for jobs?
  6. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    why don't we wait a bit until the masters results come out as well as students waiting about being possible upgraded to the CGS and or those on the waiting list? Celebrate altogether! With what we have so far it'll be like just three of us.
  7. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    Going into 3rd year management here in Toronto. Just checked my mail (was out of town), scored 18.5/30, got the "normal" SSHRC ($20,000) for two years! Didn't get the OGS, but this makes up for it! Here's my stats, 3.9 GPA, 1 forthcoming book chapter, 2 articles under review at A journals, and about 6 poster/paper presentations at A conferences. I must admit that I didn't put too much effort in my program of study, which may have dragged my score down a bit...
  8. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    How did you find out? E-mail, mail, call? From SSHRC, your school/program? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC, PEOPLE.
  9. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    What department/school/program? Please people, be specific!
  10. euges116

    SSHRC 2010

    How did you find out? Is there a list of names/committee members on the website?
  11. Also unsuccessful. If I remember correctly, I think I've read somewhere that OGS focuses more on your grades (more "quantitative" criteria), whereas in SSHRC (or I guess also in CIHR or NSERC), they focus more on your research potential (more "qualitative" criteria). I have quite a few As, just one B+ which dragged it down a bit, but I've published, and many A+ conferences. But anyways, we'll see. Here's hoping for SSHRC, which is arguably more prestigious and better (since it's for a few years, unlike only 1 year for OGS). Good luck, everyone!
  12. They don't "lie", I meant, lol.
  13. Well, at least they don't like. OGS said "after April 14th", they didn't say ON April 14th. To the best of my knowledge, it is right now after April 14th, in line with what they wrote. I agree with you, the wait shouldn't be this long, but you can't file a lawsuit because they didn't really lie or deceive us.
  14. Clearly if you've read any of the posts in this thread, the answer is no.
  15. Okay, here's the thing. I'm a current grad student, btw, and know my profs pretty well, and they know me pretty well. So, I collect mugs with (official) university logos on them. Some people collect stamps and butterflies, I collect U-mugs. Obviously, there's no way I can visit every college/university in my lifetime, but the profs in my program typically travel for conferences quite a bit in the year. I'm wondering if you think it's appropriate for me to ask them to buy me a mug, and I'll pay them back? It's not like a postcard, so it's not that small that you can just slip in a bag. It is
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