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  1. The first time I emailed them was early april. I then tried calling the week of April 15th, but they still said decisions were being made.
  2. I have already accepted my offer to Stanford, but I am still waiting for the financial aid decisions. In my acceptance letter, they said decisions will be announced by the end of March. It's now the end of April and I still haven't heard from them. I do know some people who have received their decisions though, whether they got it or not. I have also called and emailed them a couple weeks ago, but they only said that decisions are still being made. What should I do? Should I wait it out or try to ask them again? I'm scared it'll look like I'm not patient, but it'd be nice to know when my decisions will be made as I have to take care of my visas too.
  3. I got admitted two weeks ago.. They will definitely let you know if a decision is available. Good luck!
  4. Hi, I am an international student and have been admitted to both Stanford and Berkeley for Masters in Civil Engineering. I am interested in focusing more on Earthquake Engineering, but I am still not 100% sure. I am confused which one I should choose. Any opinions, pros, cons of each university, both academic life and campus life in general are appreciated! Where should I go? Thank you!
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