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  1. Hi Everyone, After long time decision, I finally decide to go to UCB stat rather than Duke stat. However, this last Friday, I got the AD from NYU DS, which is also my dream program. I am a statistics major and only took 3 cs courses in data structure, python programming and VB. I am not really sure weather my cs background is enough for ds program. I am now an actuarial analyst outside US, and I hope I can work toward modeling in US(especially prefer to work in actuarial firm) after graduate from graduate school. It sounds that NYU locates in better location for me. However, I have heard most financial companies in East side don't sponsor H1B. Also, I my opinion, to work as an data analyst, it is more important to focus on explaining the models and reports. CS skills are only tools and statistics methods are much important. I am not really sure weather I illustrate the concept of data science correct. In fact, I am confuse why most data science/ analytics programs have nearly 100% placement, which have better placement and average income than statistics programs. Can anyone provide me some advice? Thank you! Any advice and opinions for data science are appreciated!
  2. Thank you for your notification. I guess I will also choose UCB due to the location and cost.
  3. Hi, I am Esther. My major is statistics and I hope I can enhance my programming and language skills via a master degree. Also, I hope to learn some data science knowledge. I am quite glad that I can receive AD from UCB, Umich, Duke and UIUC. i am now an actuarial analyst with ASA license and hope to find a analyst position (especially in actuarial firm) in US after completing my degree. I am not really sure which university should I choose. In my opinion, Umich and Duke are two years duration, so I would have more time to find an internship during summer term. However, UCB has better location but shorter time. All of them contain some data science courses. I am really appreciate any advice that anyone provide me.
  4. I also encounter the same problem. At first, I more prefer Duke because of the course arrangement, but someone told be Cal has better reputation and location. I am now trying to use the placement to decide which one is better. I am quite interested which one would you choose, so could you please tell me your decision after you make your mind? Thanks!
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