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  1. Hi everyone, I got my acceptance letter early last week. They gave 3 business day to accept an offer.
  2. Thank you, fuzzylogician! There is a question - I saw people here saying rejecting an offer is like burning bridges, and I certainly don't want to burn any with this school. So I was wondering how would they see it - as me being irresponsible accepting an offer I was not 100% sure I could afford, or they'd understand and consider me next year.
  3. Hi, I have been reading topics about rejecting already accepted offers for better options. However, I am going to be rejecting the offer because I cannot afford it. I was waiting to hear about some scholarships, and I tried to delay my decision time, but the school said no. I did not get anything so I cannot attend next Fall. However, I am going to be reapplying next year, and I would like to apply to the school I am going to reject again. Do you think it's possible? The offer is for Masters and is partly funded (40% of tuition). I am an international student from developing country. It's not like I have a choice but rejecting - no money is no money. It's just I am trying again next year, and this school is one of my top choices. And yes, I knew it could have turned like this, but what could I do? I emailed them about extending April 15th deadline and they said no. I am also fine with losing the deposit.
  4. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) IntDev, MPP Schools Applied To: American SIS, NYU Wagner, George Washington Elliot, Chicago Harris, University of Reading Schools Admitted To: American SIS (no funding), NYU Wagner (no funding), George Washington Elliot (50% of tuition) Schools Rejected From: - Still Waiting: Chicago Harris, University of Reading Undergraduate institution: Unknown school, as they listed it in application Undergraduate GPA: 3.85, diploma with honors GRE Quantitative Score: 154 GRE Verbal Score: 156 GRE AW Score: 4.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 7 Years of Work Experience: 7 Describe Relevant Work Experience: 2.5 years with local NGO in post-Soviet country, have had quite a career during this time, climbing from entry-level position to top-management position. Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): I think it is good. Have talked about changing my career and finding what I want to do for a long time from now. Also stressed on what I want to do for my country. I did not have anyone revised it. But I did change it a bit for every school. The shortest version got me the best offer! Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): I had my supervisor (American) from NGO write my letter - I think it was quite strong as I know for sure he values my professional qualities quite high, and he always encouraged me to apply to Masters. Also, a letter from professor - but 7 years out of school I think no one really expect and extraordinary LOR. Nevertheless, I think it was a good letter, as I did very well academically. Reflection I am glad I did not talk about reasons I scored average on GRE as I thought years out of school and current job title would justify this enough. I travel 80% of my time, often work late and overall am highly dedicated to my job, so I really had little time and energy to study. Maybe my funding offers would be stronger if I scored higher, but looking back I don't think I could with my circumstance. Also looking back, I regret not researching the schools and options better. I did this all by my own, never asked anyone's advice and if I did, maybe I'd get more funding. I also did not apply to Columbia SIPA because I did not think my chances were strong, but now, being admitted to at least 3 of 5, I think I had a chance there as well.
  5. I have also applied, for Reading and Chicago Harris - waiting for decision from both. I have 2.5 years of experience with NGO and my recommendation letters I think are strong. However I have been already admitted to a couple of schools, some with funding, so not really sure how to proceed now. Really wish they'd notify earlier than mid-July! BTW, it says mid-June on the website.
  6. Yeah, I know this is not much, especially compared to tuition. I was just genuinely surprised that giving such quite a small aid they won't let students be employed without special permission. Nothing else is covered, it's just this money, so my other offer is way better. I already did all of the math, I was just wondering about definition of stipend. Thank you!
  7. I am really confused. I have been admitted to MS program with financial package for the first year. My admission letter says that this package is $4000 stipend for 2017-18, and also that I am not allowed to work without dean's permission. Does not say anything about what this stipend is intended for. From the way it sounds, it's $4000 for the whole year, am I correct? I tried looking this up on my school page, but they just list stipend rates for TA/RA and scholarships that cover some % of tuition. My other school offered me a scholarship for tuition specifically, and explained how much I will get each semester. Here the information is really brief. Should I contact them for more? Or is it an obvious case? Thanks!
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