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  1. I wish you luck, justanotherlostgrrl. Hope something wonderful comes your way. Refashion yourself if you need to. I can also relate to this. Take care!
  2. Thank you for your thoughts and take, Vince. That's good advice about using ETS material.
  3. hey Mindful,

    I just edited my response under "338: Q170; V168. I just BEAT the GRE" to answer your question about RC.

    Best, Vince

  4. I don't know if this is the right place to send such a query...but since folks here have already aced it-- any advice for reading comprehension? my vocab stuff is fine. It is the "primary purpose", inference, RC questions that I tend to make mistakes with. The answers seem counter-intuitive. There seems to be no logic behind them...most of the time, the answers seem wrong. What is the ONE, no, say, TWO resources I absolutely must use to improve my performance on verbal (reading comprehension/critical reasoning) for the GRE. Thanks! (I think on the GRE, (as opposed to on the GMAT) reading comp
  5. Hi all, Is it mandatory to mention which schools (and departments?) one would like to send the scores to at the time of writing the GRE? Is it possible for one to write the GRE, come home, and send that information about schools (the four free schools I believe) later on? Additionally, do you pick "schools" or do you pick departments? Thanks. Will appreciate any clarifications.
  6. Thank you for your very kind and illuminating responses, everyone! Very reassuring and wise advice on not focusing on "thesis" and re-working a good seminar paper.
  7. Hello all, I have heard advice on how the writing sample is the more important thing than having done a thesis--- when applying to a masters programs. But what about applying without a thesis or solid research experience to a PhD program in the humanities (any humanities you can think of)? I know in social science fields like psychology, they probably will not even look at your application without research experience. Will appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
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