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  1. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Yeah similar situation to me. Good luck!
  2. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Well I got the update through email haha. I feel like a longer timeline for an update = a better chance
  3. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Just gave Western a call this morning, said they'll give an update this week. Turns out, they were pretty quick and gave me an update 4 hours later. I got rejected, but wish success on everyone else! Time to reapply next year.
  4. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Haha congrats man! I'm hoping they give me a call soon too then. Maybe I'll give them a call Monday if I don't hear anything back.
  5. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I haven't got that email, but that's interesting to know. Hopefully you will get accepted in another departments!
  6. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Yoooooo! Ga gi nang! . It's so rare to find another teochew person
  7. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Apparently Western have already offered admission to people and have till June 1st to make their tuition deposit, so they will not have any updates until after that date. I wasn't offered admission (yet, hopefully).
  8. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I'm getting impatient with Western haha
  9. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Depending on Western, but I'll probably work for a year and apply to MPH again and maybe do a business degree next year.
  10. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Nope! I think they said they'll contact us in early May.
  11. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Okay so it seems that the letter everyone got from Western is a little bit different. Here's my email: "Good morning, Thank you for your application to our MPH Program. Due to the large number of applications this year we have adopted a rolling admissions process. Your application is still under review and we expect to communicate an update by early May. Sincerely, MPH Program Office" It's not a waiting list email, so I'm sensing a rejection very soon.
  12. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Oh okay! I see, maybe I just need to rework my CV and Letter of Intent then. Thanks for the insight!
  13. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I applied to their MPH-OEH and got a letter from them on March 21st. The rejection letters didn't say that specifically (it was very general), but I've noticed on here that a lot of you have some sort of public health experience. I only have been working in a lab for about 1-2 years (along with labs during courses) in my undergrad. I'll send you a PM though! Oh, I never thought about seeing a career counselor. I pretty much have similar experiences like you do, but I guess my letter of intent/CV is off.
  14. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Hey guys! I've been following this for a while, but I have a question so I decided to finally make an account. I got rejected from McGill, UBC, SFU, and U of T. Still waiting for Western. It appears that I'm severely lacking on Public Health experience though, so my question is how did you (if you did) get experience in the Public Health field?