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  1. I just started my MLIS, and am wondering the same thing... what advantages does getting the PhD have? I mean, I guess there is being a professor, but..... yeah... I don't know... What are you current PhD students and applicants planning on doing with the degree?
  2. Like the topic asks, where has everyone decided on? I'm starting at Drexel in September, and am quite excited to be done with the applying-waiting-deciding period.. ha.
  3. Jus10


    I will be starting at Drexel for my MLIS (and maybe even the dual degree program for an MSIS soon as well), well the online program, in Sept. of 2010! My second year though, 2011, I may be moving out there though... Anyone else heading to Drexel soon? Anyone going online?
  4. I usually go the route of: Prof. ______, blah blah blah -me or Hey Prof. ______, (If i know them well) blah blah blah -me I would much rather use "hey" than "hi" or "hello", but that's just me, for some reason I feel as though "hey" is still a little more proper/formal than "hi" or "hello"... Also, if the professor ends their email with their first name, then I feel as though its okay to thereafter email them beginning with their first name.. but never until they break the formalities first. ha.
  5. Jus10

    Should I tell?

    the "2 weeks rule" is there for a reason, sign on and give the 2 weeks when you need to.
  6. Jus10


    ive got a macbook pro... i hate the way windows has "updated" since XP, and likely will never go back from the mac.
  7. For those that don't like that the iPad can't multitask, it looks like it will be able to by this summer with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 with multitasking for both the iPhone as well as the iPad... personally I will stick with my macbook, the iPad seems useless to me, I like having real keys, that touchscreen stuff still bothers me (although I'm sure I will eventually have to jump on the badwagon...) which is also why I have a blackberry versus all the touch screen phones that are out these days. Anyways, here's the link concerning the OS 4.0 stuff, if any of you are interested: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/04/08/iphone.os.wired/index.html
  8. Jus10


    I think your best bet would be to call them, but judging by the fact that you seem to have gotten no emails from them about anything, its possible that they just have the wrong email address for you. Also, one more thing, the "no decision" status on my account didn't change until well after I received the acceptance email (then again, it DID change eventually, thus your should say something now). All in all, I would say you should definitely give the school a call and see what is going on.
  9. Jus10


    Has anybody heard from Drexel? Or does anyone know any info about how long they take to inform of decisions? I know they have rolling admissions and a deadline in August, but does anyone know anything beyond that?
  10. Yeah it was. Just a couple extra sheets of paper with the information about the scholarship and such on them..
  11. Jus10


    i got a $4000 scholarship from U of Washington.. Dont know about Rutgers yet.....
  12. From the looks of it, the biggest factor in your decision is money - that is, since you did not mention any other pieces of interest from either school. If that is true, then go with the better school from a financial standpoint. Something else I will throw out there, I say you reject going to Syracuse since they just rejected me for their MLIS program (grrrr). Hajk, but I think you need to put together something to look further into what you will get from each school. For myself, I put together an excel sheet with pros and cons for a variety of factors in order to compare the schools I am deciding between, it seems to make the decision much easier to understand - although I have not made it... Hopefully something I said helps, good luck!
  13. It seems like you're just waiting for someone to tell you school A is the better choice. From what I've read of your responses here, you seem to be leaning to school A.
  14. Thank you, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  15. just checked the mailbox (yes at 1.30 am) and received an acceptance to U of Washington, waaaay excited, but now I will have to make a decision... hmm..
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