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  1. your avatar is a montreal metro card!

  2. hahah.... we'll see what june brings
  3. working and getting ready to move is crimping my time here as well
  4. has tons to do, not much time to do it in.

  5. I'm doing a size/benefit analysis. Focusing on the largest sizes and moving downward. Sofas - One is 10yrs old and a little beat up and was a gift. The other is 20yrs old and cost me $8 used. Buh-bye. TV-Old fashioned Analog 27"er with picture tube issues. Also a goner. Where it gets more difficult are things like the entertainment center armoire. It's ungodly heavy and not designed for the new flatscreen models. But it cost me $800 and can be turned into a traditional armoire and will hold my entire wardrobe. So I'll try to sell it but if it doesnt sell, Im keeping it. And so on, wo
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