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  1. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Do you mind if I ask what you do currently in public health before you got accepted? I wanted to know how limited people are in the public health sector without a masters as a lot of people have expressed feeling limited but haven't really gone into depth about it.
  2. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I saw this too! I think they'll accept you before then if you submit an application or up until the class gets filled.
  3. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    my bear tracks status changed to denied
  4. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I received a rejection maybe a week and a half ago? It was for health promotion.
  5. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I received a rejection from Alberta but I never got an e-mail, I just noticed my status changed on Bear Tracks, did anyone else receive an e-mail? Typically the university emails a few days after changing the status but haven't gotten anything
  6. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I called Queens when people first started to hear back. They told me they had just submitted the first round and were awaiting their responses by March 31 and then would do the second round. I assumed the second round must have been this week as some people have mentioned they got in or got rejected. I find it a bit odd because it they go out in rounds, should it have been done in batches (all in one day or so)? But I've only seen a few responses this week on Queens... I'm just worried/confused as I haven't heard anything and do not know what to make of this
  7. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Is Emory just as tough at LSHTP? Been rejected by Canadian schools and just feeling so discouraged I don't want to keep applying and getting the same answer
  8. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    are there any other schools you would suggest applying to in London? I'm worried about not getting in and would like to be accepted to a school regardless of rank at this point to be honest
  9. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Hi, I also was looking abroad in London and came across the London School o Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I've never heard of it before so I was hesitant. Are the requirements not as hard as Canada and does the program seem good? I applied to King's and intend to apply to Manchester as well.