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  1. I have contacted with them and they actually have everything still... but they just asked me to resubmit one due to the policy (I guess they wanna me repay the fee lol).
  2. I think you might misread it or I might not say it clearly... I did get admitted in the last cycle but I ended up declined on it. That is why I am concerned my situation.
  3. I am currently a first year Ph.D. student. I received two offers last year, both of which were really good (at least at that time). I ended up declining one but said yes to the current one. Now it seems that I am wrong, mainly because the environment of the group as well as what I am really interested. I just wondering what is the chance that I reapply the other school and still getting in.
  4. Hey, I have struggled on this for around one month - which Ph.D. program I should attend. I am admitted to both EE at Columbia and BME at Yale. Both of the program focusing on the neural signal processing. The Columbia one is more "circuit heavy" which focusing on the circuit design for neural stimulation and acquisition. The Yale one is more traditional - brain mapping and neuroimaging, which would more focus on signal processing and actual understanding of the neural pathway. Both projects have parts that I love and parts I don't love - most likely half and half: I love the id
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