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  1. Thanks so much! I bought Magoosh and am reading the ETS official guide, so hopefully that will help. Thank you so much, good luck!
  2. Thanks I'm struggling a lot with math, and I feel like math is taking up A LOT of my time that I could possibly dedicate to verbal (I'll try to aim for a 160, but unsure), so I guess I should slow done with my math and begin with verbal since it's that type of program; do you know what is the average for UofA? How long did you study for the GRE if I may ask? And do you have any tips for the AWA section (how should I study for it exactly)?
  3. Prior to studying, I got 145 on both aspects. I haven't begun full-on studying yet, but I imagine I will end up in the 155 ranges I think?
  4. Oops, I meant GRE (Can't edit my post for some reason) - I have a GPA of 3.81 right now (sub-GPA probably around a 3.9) but I am struggling studying for the GRE, so I was wondering what's the importance of the GRE results relative to everything else.
  5. Hey there! For those who got accepted to Dal or UofA, what were you GPA stats like? Thanks
  6. Hey! I'm a major in Psychology, but the problem I am having is completing my general human physiology requirement since they do not accept McGill's biology class (BIOL115), but do accept the Concordia's equivalent (which does not make sense, BIOL200). So I am also missing 0.5 of the human biology requirement, even though I technically did complete it in CEGEP (they won't accept it which is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING ugh and I don't have time to do an inter-university exchange). What human physiology classes have you completed if I may ask to satisfy the 1.0 credit? (since apparently now all of
  7. Hi guys! I'm applying next year (for Fall 2018). I know it's quite early, but since this summer I will be preparing my files, I would like to get a bit of advice for those who have been through this hard process! I am currently a McGill student, with a 3.75 GPA (however subGPA will probably be in the 3.85 area), and have about 2 years of laboratory experience; 1 where I volunteered for 5 months, SLP related laboratory, and the other where I have volunteered since the beginning of my undergrad (non SLP related). I have also had experiences with different needs children, working in two
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