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  1. Hi all, So, long story short, I recently had a "break up" with my current advisor because he was not a great person to work with. I'm going to transfer to another school and start my phD with another advisor. Anyway, I found out today that one of the paper that I was a co-author (3rd author - I helped with some revision and addressed the comments, prepared the response letter, and made changes to the final submission) got accepted to a journal BUT my advisor took my name off the paper when he published it on Research Gate and I still found my name under the paper when logging into my account with the journal portal. I've never met such an advisor like this person and I just want to hear some advise on how to approach this. I am going to claim authorship of this paper, regardless. I think this is very unethical of him and I wonder where should I begin? Email my advisor? Email my chair? Email my dean?
  2. For me, this is like a personal attack. He didn't know that I got accepted to another school yet. He only knew that I'd switch advisor at my current school. All of sudden after unsuccessfully convincing me to stay in the lab for next semester, he's doing all these petty things to me. I checked the pdf version on arxiv and saw that he edited out my name and my profile. I emailed the chief editor of the journal asking for confirmation that my name is on the accepted final version and the guy emailed me back telling me my name is still there. I really don't understand why my advisor thought that it's appropriate to just take out my name and edit out my profile when he posted it on arxiv. I already emailed the VP of research at my school. I'm waiting for him to reply. I talked to the Director of RIO office and she noted that this is a serious matter. I'll see how my school handle this issue.
  3. I hope by the time you read this, you already have a happy ending with your plan. I was in a similar situation where I wanted to switch advisor/program, but not because I hated my current field, but because my current advisor is just a bad advisor/bad teacher/bad researcher and I lost my respect/motivation to work with him. I applied to another school without telling my current advisor. I actually contacted the advisor from my new school and told him briefly the reason why I wanted to leave. I applied and got accepted (I asked for LOR from the profs that I'm doing TA for and other profs that I'm taking class with - I did share with them the reason why I wanted to leave) but then when I told my current advisor that I'd leave the lab (I told him in Feb, before I got accepted to new school). He immediately shut me down on my RA contract and did some horrible things to me. Anyway, my advice is: really judge your advisor and see if she would support you or not. Depends on the reason why you leave, I think it's safe to play low profile sometimes.
  4. Yes thank you. We have a Research Integrity Office at my university and I'll email them to ask what I should do. I really just want everything to be fair and square. That's all.
  5. Also, my graduate advisor is not my a-hole advisor. Grad advisor in my program oversees all grad students. I spoke to him about the break up with my current advisor already and I think I probably will at least tell him that this a-hole advisor is doing some serious unethical actions towards me.
  6. Thank you for your reply. He is a junior faculty and not tenured yet (assistant professor in his 3rd year with the program). He has done some very unethical things to me and I wanted to end our relationship in peace. However, now I want to seriously pursue this matter because it is not acceptable to just erase my name out of a paper that I worked on and contributed on. Anyway, I'll start researching on the Research integrity office and make an appointment tomorrow to see if I can speak with someone. This is my limit and I am preparing myself to do anything to bring him down to hell.
  7. Thanks for your advise. I got accepted to another program already so I don't care if I burn bridges with this guy. I change my field of study as well so I don't have a problem with blowing this off his face. Anyway, I had an email confirmation when we submitted our final version for the paper that has my name on it as a co-author. I have proof that my name was on the latest 2 revisions, which the 2nd revision got accepted. Should I talk to my grad advisor and maybe bring this to the Dean of students? I really cannot stand this guy anymore and I am willing to pursue this thoroughly until justice is served.
  8. Chapel Hill, NC

    Thank you very much. That's good to know. I'll contact more places and see how pricing is going to be. This town does seem to have high rental prices.
  9. Chapel Hill, NC

    @3dender Thank you. My concern is: I'd often stay late at my lab and how late do these buses run typically? I'm looking at Ridgewood Apt. they have 10% off for students. Pricing seems to fit my budget. Do you know anything about this place?
  10. Chapel Hill, NC

    @3dender Thank you for the info. I'm moving with my spouse and I think we won't stay at home much during the day and probably won't be back early in the evening. We only want internet at home. I've never have cable since entering college. I searched and saw that they have Time Warner Cable for $45/mo. Is that the norm? Also, I'm thinking of using the bus to get to UNC. Do you think public transportation in CH is good? Can I survive without a car? Thank you for any info.
  11. UNC Chapel Hill 2017

    Hi all, I'm moving to CH this fall for phD as well. Looking for housing. Anyone find any place to stay yet? Housing at CH seems a little bit pricey...
  12. I heard that University of Dallas (in Dallas, TX) gives you full tuition once you get accepted in the program. Haven't really check. Most schools should give you some sort of financial offer (TAship, scholarships). Depends on how much they want you, they will be willing to give you more/less money if you ask.
  13. Chapel Hill, NC

    Hi all, I'm going to UNC this fall to start my phD as well. I'm looking for housing and wonder if anyone could share some info regarding utilities? How much does internet/gas/water/trash/electric normally cost? There's an apt that offer a flat rate $195 flat rate for utilities and I don't know if that's too much or average of a price.