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  1. UNC Chapel Hill 2017

    Look in Carrboro! A ton of UNC grad students live there because it's still pretty close and it's much cheaper.
  2. UNC Chapel Hill 2017

    Nice to electronically meet you all! I'll be moving to Chapel Hill mid-May right after graduation. I'm originally from Chapel Hill, and my parents still live there, so I'll be moving home until I can find an apartment. If anyone will be in the area over the summer, let me know, because I'd love to meet some people before classes start.
  3. How to Present Yourself (Superficially)

    Yeah...... I overthought interview outfits too... But hey, it shows you care!
  4. How to Present Yourself (Superficially)

    I went through this same agony leading up to my interviews! I did a ton of online searching, and the results of those searches were almost more overwhelming than the interviews! Some said wear a suit, others said be casual, some said heels, others said heels will kill you. At the end of the day, I really think you need to wear what you'll be comfortable in. For me, dressing up helps me feel confident, and that's absolutely something you want for an interview. I wore slacks and a blazer for my interviews, and I was certainly more dressed up than the grad students and professors, but the interviewees were kind of a mixed bag. Everyone looked nice, but some people wore suits, others wore slacks and a cardigan or nice blouse. Since this is an admitted students day, it's probably even more casual than interviews. You definitely don't need to dye your hair, and just wear your makeup (or lack of makeup) however you usually do! I personally wouldn't wear leggings unless it was under a sweater dress or dress, but slacks might make you feel overdressed, so I would probably go with (non-ripped) jeans. But again, wear what will make you feel confident and comfortable. And the best advice I ever got was to layer! Maybe wear a nice top under a light cardigan that can be easily removed if you feel hot. Also, comfortable walking shoes. I wore heels for interview day, and while it wasn't quite as awful as I was led to believe, it wasn't ideal. If you'll be going on a tour of campus, you'll definitely want flats or boots.
  5. The Rotation Conversation

    Crossing my fingers for you that you hear back soon @colorandlight! Let me know when you hear back.
  6. The Rotation Conversation

    Well, I hope you hear back soon!! When did you interview? You could possibly reach out directly to the PI and just reiterate that you're really interested in his research and would love to rotate in his lab pending your acceptance.
  7. UNC Chapel Hill 2017

    Anyone heading to UNC in the fall? Especially BBSP, since that's the program I'll be in, but I'd love to talk to anyone heading to the area!
  8. The Rotation Conversation

    @colorandlight were you accepted to BBSP? That's where I am going in the fall, and I'm unsure if I should just work on setting up my first rotation or if I should go ahead and try to set up all three.
  9. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Not selected for research to Israel 😩 I'm obviously super disappointed, but luckily I have a backup plan that I'm also thrilled with (fully funded PhD program at UNC). Thanks to everyone in this forum for being such a fabulous emotional support system! I'll still be rooting for each and every one of you!!
  10. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Here's to hoping for a day full of positive announcements!!!
  11. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Just wanted to weigh in on the whole funded masters vs Fulbright discussion. I'm going for a funded PhD program, so it may be slightly different from a masters, but everyone I've talked to has been super excited to hear that I'm a semi-finalist (impatiently waiting for Israel to announce). I was accepted to two fully funded PhD programs, and they both will allow me to defer for a year and come back with the same financial package. Talk to your specific program, but to me, Fulbright and deferring my program is my ideal situation. If you can't defer, it might be more complicated...
  12. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Accepted to Duke MGM program!! Still waiting to hear back from UNC BBSP, but I know they have more interview weekends coming up. I'm hoping to hear by next week.
  13. Fulbright 2017-2018

    @Emma987 and @BeeKayCee Just thought I'd jump on the train regarding whether to notify your potential grad schools of your semi-finalist status. The two grad schools that I interviewed with say that they only allow deferrals under certain circumstances, and I'm hoping the Fulbright would be special enough that they would allow me to defer. I did end up telling both schools that I was a semi-finalist (I notified them about a week or two before my interviews), and I just got accepted to Duke! Still waiting to hear back from UNC. My personal feeling is that if I am lucky enough to get the Fulbright, it would be awkward to tell them so late in the game, I'd rather give them some advanced warning. The admissions people that I spoke to were all very congratulatory, because even being a semi-finalist is a huge accomplishment that can go on your resume. Once I get my official financial offer letter from Duke with decision deadline and everything, I'm going to contact them to ask about deferring, and I can update you guys then. I personally don't think notifying them can have a negative impact. But I think if you're worried, it's a personal choice. However, if you do become a finalist, make sure you let them know as soon as possible so they can either allow you to defer or give your spot to someone else. On a separate note, I think that even if they don't let you defer, applying as a post-Fulbrighter, you'd have an even better chance of getting in, so you'd be fine! Sorry for the long note, but I hope this helps make your decision
  14. 2017 Interview Dates

    Albert Einstein Biomedical sciences: Jan 25-27 Berkeley Comp Bio: Feb 14-16 Berkeley IB: Jan 27-28 Berkeley Cell Molecular Bio: Feb 12-14, Feb 26-28 Boston University PiBS: Jan 26-28, Feb 9-11 CMU-Pitt Comp bio: Feb 23-25, March 2-4 Columbia Biological Sciences: Jan 22-23, Mar 2-4 Columbia Biomedical Informatics: Jan 27-29th Cornell Tri Institutional computational biology: Feb 26-27. University of Chicago Molecular Biosciences: Jan 19-21, Feb 9-11, Feb 23-25 Duke Biochemistry: Feb 9-12 or Feb 23-26 Duke CMB: February 2-4 or February 16-18 Duke MGM: February 9-12 Harvard BIG (I asked and then asked a contact I have and all I could get was late January or early February) Havard BBS: Jan 26-29, Feb 9-12 Harvard MCO: Jan 25-28, Feb 1-4 Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai (Neuro only): January 9-10 Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai (non-neuro): January 12-13 or January 19-20 Johns Hopkins CMM: January 19-20 or February 23-24 UMichigan PIBS: Jan 26-28, Feb 2-4, Feb 9-11 MIT Biology: Feb 11-14, Feb 25-28, March 11-14 MIT CSBi: Feb 3 & 10 MIT HST: march 2-4 (strange those two overlap as they are 2 of the top comp bio programs) Northwestern DGP: Jan 12-14, Jan 26-28, Feb 9-11 NIH OxCam: February 15-17 NYU GSAS: Feb 2-3, Feb 16-17 Penn State BMMB: Jan 26-28 Princeton EEB: Feb 7-9 Princeton QCB: Feb 9-11 Rockefeller: Feb 23-24, March 2-3 Sanger 4-year program: Jan 23rd Sloan Kettering: Jan 10-12 Stanford BI: march 1-5 Stanford Biosciences: March 1-5 UConn Health Biomedical Sciences: Feb 10-11 U Wash Biology: Jan 26-28 U Wash Genome Sciences: Feb 12-14, Feb 26-28 UC Irvine CMB: Jan 26-27, Feb 9-10 UCSD BMS: Feb 2-5, Feb 23-26 UCSF BMS: Jan 26-28, Feb 9-11 UCSF bioinformatics: Feb 9-10, Feb 16-17 UCSF TETRAD: Feb 2-5, Feb 24-27 UIC GEMS: Feb 10, Feb 24 UNC Chapel Hill BBSP: Feb 2-4, Feb 16-18, March 2-4 UMass Medical School BBS: January 26-27 or February 2-3 UPenn CAMB: Jan 19-21, Feb 2-4 UPenn Biology: Feb 24 UT Austin Cell and Molecular Biology: Jan 19-22, Feb 9-12 UWashington MCB: Jan 25-27/28, Feb 8-10/11 Vanderbilt IGP: Feb 3rd, 10th, 17th Washington University in St. Louis DBBS, Biochemistry: February 2-4, Feb 16-18 Yale BBS Immunology: Feb 16-19 Yale BBS MMPP: Feb 16-19 Yale CBB/MCGD: Feb 3-5
  15. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Recommended for Israel!! So excited. How do we find out if there's an interview?