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  1. Hi! I hope your applications go well. Chiming in to say that UNC has not done a commendable job of caring for their current graduate students during the pandemic. If the Art History Department does offer funding for incoming graduate students, it is usually in incomplete packages (e.g., a year of funding for a masters, three out of five years for a PhD). MANY of their current and past students have had to prolong their careers even before COVID because of a lack of financial support. There are some opportunities for additional funding, but resources there are limited and don't look to be
  2. One of my former students is at John Cabot. The program offers incomparable access to actual artifacts, but from what I understand, there is little support from the program director/advisor (doesn't even answer emails). It seems like a great opportunity if you can develop a strong bond with your colleagues, but perhaps isn't great if you go in without some pre-existing knowledge of art-historical/museum practices. I would suggest digging into Methods & Theories of Art History by Anne D'Alleva and The Elements of Academic Style: Writing for The Humanities by Eric Hayot to help equip you
  3. I would like to offer this suggestion: If you are considering UNC Chapel Hill, please, please, please speak with a grad who is advised by a faculty member you aim to work with.
  4. my advisor doesn't care about my work, doesn't respect graduate students/treats them like slave labor, writes me incoherent letters of recommendation, and -- to top it all off -- STILL hasn't published since 2015
  5. Sorry for the lengthy delay in response. The semester started off relentlessly. I just passed my comprehensive exams and prospectus defense this past Spring. In theory, all I need to do now is write my dissertation. This seems impossible to do without feedback, which I don't predict I will get. I'm also concerned about what this advisor's letter of recommendation looks like - they've claimed that I received a fellowship because of their letter in the past, but said letter was turned in late and I went into the interview extremely prepared anyway. It's very... uncomfortable.
  6. I'm at UNC-Chapel Hill right now (started shortly after Dr. Sheriff's passing) and it has been... an experience. Feel free to message me about it - I can answer lots of questions.
  7. Hi all. I've been in a confusing situation with my advisor for the past few months. I am worried that they are leading me down the wrong scholarly paths or, for lack of a better phrase, on wild academic goose chases. Some of this is venting, but it's also helpful for contextualizing my issues, and I would appreciate any advice that you might have. For some time, they have been urging me to publish a paper that I wrote for one of their classes. The paper was bad. Very bad. But, I wanted to trust this person and appreciated the encouragement, so I continued researching it in what little spare
  8. Would you happen to have any suggestions for an individual moving to the area and hoping to keep rent beneath $600/month? I am fairly certain that I will need to bite the bullet and get roommates to stay within my budget, but even the smallest of studio spaces would be acceptable, too.
  9. Oh my gosh, yes. I was feeling so hopeless, especially after a personal tragedy the day before! I am so stoked to enter this academic climate.
  10. I was accepted to UNC with full funding! So excited. Now, to configure everything for a move!
  11. Also heading to Chapel Hill in the Fall. Need to configure some living arrangements soon -- going to search the forum for advice.
  12. My anxiety is definitely at a height: I still have heard nothing out of UNC, with absolutely no application movement, and saw that they released another batch of decisions on Monday and Tuesday. This is excruciating.
  13. Update: I had added a comment on this post on Leiter (as "(Another) PhD Applicant"), noting that after emailing to inquire, I had received a response from the director of my program and that she had stated that the lengthy silence was due to budget issues. I suggested that despite that this communication was still rather hazy, it was better than silence and it's likely less time-consuming to email en mass than it is to respond to individual applicants soliciting their satus. It was (strangely) deleted... ... anyway, it seems that a lot of people have received their rejections from UNC Cha
  14. Has anyone gotten any updates from UNC this week? The head of the program I'd applied to had said that they hoped to have things straightened out "within the next week or so" last week, but I have still seen no application movement. This noncommittal behavior is making me lose faith in the institution as a whole, not just my application. I am wondering when it would be acceptable for me to reach out to her again.
  15. Cannot agree more. It seems ethically irresponsible of the institution to avoid contact, but I suppose we are at their mercy. I sometimes wish that I could get a solid "no" instead of occasionally feeling a glimmer of hope.
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