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  1. I'm in the same boat but fortunately my dad is watching my dog so I can get settled first. I'm subleasing for the summer and then I'm going to look for a more permanent place once I get there. I've just been upfront with people that I can't see the place in person. Since it's only for 2 months I've been more lenient on the type of place. I found better luck with places using my school's student listings (instead of craigslist or a similar site).
  2. brenbren12

    Chicago, IL

    Oh good to know! I love a good farmers market! Yes...I've found a lot of scams. I also get someone not wanting to sign a lease with someone they've never met in person.
  3. brenbren12

    Chicago, IL

    Thank you! This was the kind of information I was hoping to get! I figured by some of the stuff I read that the suggestions to not live south of midway was inaccurate but wanted to still ask. I'm definitely okay bringing my car (even if it wasn't in my original plan). I think I also have to be okay with being further away from friends (who all have well paying jobs and can afford to live in more expensive areas). Hopefully once I get there it'll be easier to find a place/roommate (closer UIC) than it has been from far away.
  4. brenbren12

    Chicago, IL

    Hi everyone! So I am going to UIC in the fall, however, I am planning to move next month as I'm taking one more course to fulfill my prerequisites. Ideally I want to live close to UIC but I've been flexible since my budget is pretty low. I found a sublease for the summer that would allow me to move in soon, not have to move all my stuff and then would give me time to look for another place/roommate. The apartment is in Hyde Park right near the UC law school. I did a ton of reading on Hyde Park and it sounds nice. However, everything I read kept saying to stay away from south of the Midway. This place is exactly south of the midway, between 60th and 61st. How is this area? I went to undergrad at a very urban campus so I understand the basic street smarts of living in these areas. I never once felt unsafe living in an urban area. It's still a little nerve wracking without seeing the place first! Also...since I will need to commute to UIC (just one day a week this summer), I plan on bringing my car. How accessible is it to 1) have a car in Hyde Park 2) get into the city 3) park in the city (if I want to visit friends in Lincoln Park or Lake View, for example) I was not planning on bringing my car but don't really want to spend all my time commuting! thanks!
  5. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this! So I'm moving next month (yay!) but I'm having a really hard time finding a place to live. I'm working with a low budget in a somewhat expensive town unfortunately. It seems like every ad I find on craigslist is spam ugh! Does anyone have advice on how to find a place to live? I've moved a bunch but have never had this problem! I've signed up for roommate matching services, checked out grad school housing (too expensive), emailed pretty much every craigslist ad I could and have reached out to my friends in that city. I am so overwhelmed by all of this. And unfortunately I won't be able to visit any places in person since the move is so soon. Thanks!
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