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  1. Has anyone heard back from the institute yet? The admissions are still open and keep getting pushed, and I was told by the Admissions department that I'll know by last Friday, but nothing yet.
  2. Has anyone applied to the Pratt Media Studies MA program? Any idea when we can expect to hear back?
  3. Has anyone else applied for the Pratt Media Studies MA program? Any idea when we can expect to hear back from them?
  4. Hey, could you send the link to this results page? I'm waiting to hear from them too, and this set me off on a frenzy!
  5. Thanks! Are you a communications graduate, by any chance? If so would love to pick your brain on the different courses and kltkons available.
  6. Hi there! I've been a silent spectator on this forum for years, and this is the year I finally begin my applications, so here I am! I'm an architect who has shifted into the world of digital advertising after my undergrad, and I've been working for a bit more than a year in the account management team of one of India's best digital agencies. I shifted into digital media because I want to create content for the digital age that makes a difference, and use the power of digital communication and social media to drive change. For this, I think it's important that I learn communication strategy, and I'm looking for a program with the right balance of creative and management electives. Creds: I graduated from a pretty prestigious university (NIT, Trichy for those familiar with Indian universities) with an 8.0/10 CGPA (Indian scale, not exactly sure how to go about converting it yet haha), and will have 2 years of work experience by Fall 2019, which is the season I'll be applying for. Currently pursuing an online Master's certification in Advertising and Public Relations from MICA, Ahmedabad I have a GRE score of 321 (161 V, 160 Q) with a 4.5 AWA score. I believe my recommenders will write me pretty strong letters in my favor (current employer + professors at my universities) These are the places I'm considering applying so far: Columbia University SPS - MS, Strategic Communications Northwestern University - MS, Integrated Marketing Communications USC, Annenberg - Master of Communication Management NYU - Media, Culture and Communication NYU SPS - Integrated Marketing I'm reasonably confident about my profile, however I'm not really sure if my GRE score makes the cut, particularly for Columbia, which is the dream school for me. I'd love to hear from you guys on your experiences applying, and any advice you might have for me! I'm halfway across the world, and it isn't exactly easy to get the information I need to make an informed decision on whether I should re-take the GRE, or just go ahead and apply with these scores. I'm also open to any suggestions and reviews on these courses, and any other similar courses at other universities in the US. Cheers!
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